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Disneyland’s White Chocolate Raspberry Cookie

A few years ago I went to Disneyland on a mission. That mission was food. Glorious, delicious food. You see, I’ve been enjoying Disneyland pretty much my whole life. I went several times as an adult with my sisters and cousin. No kids, just four 20-somethings having a blast. I took a trip after the birth of each of my children. A mommy break sometimes is absolutely essential to keeping your sanity. In all these trips however, I’d never truly realized the fabulousness of Disneyland food. Obviously there are things that are overpriced and a little bland (it is a theme park after all), but there are unexpected delights as well. I started reading Disneyland forums a few months before this particular trip. I was doing research (yes, it’s a sickness…I know) and compiling a list of all the great things people recommended consuming while at the Happiest Place on Earth. The list got very long very fast. Over 5 blissful days of appetite stretching, gluttonous eating I managed to taste everything on my list. Most items met or exceeded my expectations. One cookie blew me away. The forums just called it “the cookie”.

This cookie. A light sweet dough with white and chocolate chips swirled with raspberry. Bliss. Usually when something is overhyped as being simply divine, the real thing doesn’t measure up. I cannot express to you how excited I was when at first bite I realized Disneyland’s White Chocolate Raspberry Cookie was everything I wanted it to be and more. It is beyond delicious. You can find it at Pooh Corner and at some of the shops on Main Street. Can you sense my joy at finally having one in my hands??

I’d heard that Disneyland will give you the recipe for things if you ask. Not true. At least, not true with this cookie. Perhaps because they don’t actually make it in the park. It’s made by a company called Selma’s. And they aren’t about to hand out their recipe (I can’t really blame them). Thankfully, my cousin Shannon (also a baker and a Disney freak) managed to piece together a close copy using Selma’s snickerdoodle dough as a springboard. I tweaked her recipe a little, using almond extract instead of raspberry. I also used a trick I learned from America’s Test Kitchen and added an egg yolk for a super soft and chewy cookie. The result is pretty near a perfect match. Big and chewy, swirled with raspberry and the sweetness of two kinds of chocolate.

The only trick in making these is the swirl of raspberry. It is VERY easy to mix it too much and end up with a bright pink cookie instead of dancing raspberry swirls. Working 1/4 of the dough at a time is the key to getting the proper twirly action.

Dollup about 1 tablespoon of jam over the top of one quarter of the dough.

Then use a knife to sort of cut it in.

Don’t stir! There should still be clumps of obvious jam.

Then, using a cookie scoop, drop the dough on your prepared cookie sheet.

And flatten slightly.

Repeat with the remaining dough, working with one quarter of it at a time.

Depending on the size of your cookies, your bake time can vary from 8 minutes all the way to 17. I wanted mine to resemble the big bakery sized cookies they serve at the park. Only bake until the edges are faint golden and set. The middles will still be soft and puffy.

I can almost hear the faint screams of people going down Splash Mountain and the buzz of the pretend bees outside Pooh Corner as I eat these cookies. It was a vacation in my kitchen as the aroma of chocolate and raspberry started wafting out. At first bite I knew I was in deep trouble if I didn’t find someone to “gift” the batch to. They were so soft and chewy and the flavor of the dough and the mixed in jam & chocolate was exactly right!

If you’ve ever tried this treat in Disneyland and love it as I do, make sure you have people to help you eat these before making a batch. The temptation to sing Zip-a-dee-doo-dah while you consume the entire tray will probably be too great if you are by yourself with these. Partly because having another one isn’t going to cost you four bucks like it does at the Magic Kingdom! Without any monetary ramifications holding you back, there’s no telling what you might do. Seriously.

Print Recipe for Disneyland’s White Chocolate Rasberry Cookie

Disneyland’s White Chocolate Raspberry Cookie
adapted from Rumbly In My Tumbly

2 1/2 C Flour
1/4 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp cream of tartar
1/2 C butter, room temperature
1/2 C granulated sugar
1/2 C brown sugar
1 egg + 1 egg yolk
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp almond extract
Raspberry Jam (I used about 4 TBSP)
3/4 cup white chocolate chips
3/4 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips


1. Cream the butter & sugars until light and fluffy. Add egg/yolk, vanilla and almond extracts. Mix well. Add dry ingredients and mix until just combined. Add white & semi-sweet chocolate chips.
2. Scoop out about 1/4 of the dough into a smaller bowl. Add about 1 T of jam and cut it in using a butter knife. Be careful not to MIX it, or your dough will turn pink, you want more of a swirl.
3. Take the jam swirled dough and scoop by spoonfuls  (I used a large melon baller/ice cream scoop) onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Flatten slightly with the back of a spoon or spatula and place in a 350° oven for 12-17 minutes. *Your bake time may be less depending on the size of cookie you make. I wanted mine big and bakery sized, so they took a little longer. Take them out when the edges are set but the center is still puffy and soft. Cool on baking sheet 5 minutes then transfer to a wire rack to cool completely.
4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 until all the dough is used.


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90 thoughts on “Disneyland’s White Chocolate Raspberry Cookie

    1. When I saw your recipe – I knew it would be a must to make these cookies!! Today was the day!! First impression?? BEST cookie ever!!

      1. Thank you!! I wasn’t sure about it at first actually but Princess is my nickname so I thought, yes, it works. I also like your screen name and love your blog.

      1. WAYYYY too much flour. The cookies turned out terribly, and I bake regularly for myself, as well as professionally.

  1. The smell wafting from the over is worth the effort to make these. Thanks for the recipe.I think these will make it into my regular cookie rotation.

  2. i went to place an order for a dozen selmas cookies off the selmas website. and of course i would want overnight shipping because their cookies are not good unless they’re fresh. anyway. with shipping the price was 130$. wtf??? i could fly to selmas for that price ): so ya, no selmas cookies for me. and its cool you’ve made this copy cat recipe but theres no comparison to the real selmas cookie. as I’m sure u would also agree. So to anyone who hasn’t yet tried a selmas cookie (also called minnies bakeshop cookie,) next time u just so happen to go to disney world (since were always just randomly at disney world, lol, right.) you have to try one… best cookies on the planet!

    1. Try this recipe. It’s really really close to the taste and texture of Selmas. Since I’ve only ever had a Selmas cookie at Disneyland (and nothing compares to food eaten in a Disney park), I’d agree that the real deal is absolutely heavenly.

  3. I tried this recipe, but my dough is really crumbly. Did anyone else have this problem at all? Not sure what I’ve done wrong!

    1. If you have crumbly dough it can be several different things – the most common one is that flour sometimes can get measured with a heavy hand. My suggestion would be to just add a little (teaspoon) of milk to your batter if it’s come out crumbly.

  4. I made these cookies and the dough came out crumbley. I’ve seen your recipe elsewhere and it had 1/4 cup of sour cream. The dough wouldn’t stick together on its own what am I doing wrong…..

    1. If you have crumbly dough it can be several different things – the most common one is that flour sometimes can get measured with a heavy hand. My suggestion would be to just add a little (teaspoon) of milk to your batter if it’s come out crumbly.

  5. Ok, if you make these DO NOT EAT THEM, they may not be good for you, bring them to my house so I can dispose the them properly, I love, love, love them. These are also my favorite from Disney. Amazing!!!!!

  6. My daughter wants to use this recipe as part of a project she is doing in school. Can you tell me how many cookies this recipe makes please?

  7. Thinking about this particular cookie, I decided to google the receipe. And I came across yours. I will try the receipe. I used to buy the 6 pack so they would last me at least 6 days. But I can’t find them anymore sold like that in any shops at Disneyland. So recently I bought one and made it last 2 days. : (.

    1. Yes. They may change the cookie slightly because of the high water content of fresh berries though. You might try mashing them and cooking them in a pot to get a little of the water out before mixing them in.

  8. These Cookies were wonderful!! I saw your picture and knew that I had to make these cookies! I wonder how chopped nuts would be added to them? Thank you for sharing your recipes with us!

  9. Sour cream? It is in your cousin’s recipe, from which you mentioned you adapted yours. Should I leave it out?

    1. I left it out and still found the cookie perfectly moist – feel free to try it both ways and see which you prefer. 🙂

      1. Thanks! I actually really, really liked the cookies. I have shockingly not had the raspberry one at DL, but have had some of the other varieties in the same line. Curious if you’ve ever tried to make it with the confectioner’s sugar. If you go on Selma’s website and look at the ingredient list, that is what’s in the cookies. I have not tried this yet.

  10. Can you freeze them? I am baking for my cousins wedding and since her theme is Disney I would like to surprise her.

    1. I have never frozen them, but I’m sure they would freeze just as well as chocolate chip cookies.

  11. OMG THAT LOOKS DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Just made these and realized my raspberry to dough ratio was a little uneven as the jam overwhelmed the dough a bit. So I thought to freeze the raspberry jam and then break it up into the dough. Frozen jam made an extra step, but it yielded smaller more manageable pieces to easily integrate into the dough. Also I added a bit of citrus zest to the dough which complimented the raspberry and almond flavors. Thank you again for the recipe!

    1. well THAT’S a genius move on the freezing the jam! I liked that you added citrus as well. I bet that made the sweetness/tartness pop! 😀

  13. I found these on Pinterest and finally got around to making them. Oh, they are good:) I measured the flour lightly and had no problem with the dough being crumbly. I absolutely love how nicely they set up. Perfect really!! Great instructions! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  14. I am making these right this minute and have doubled the recipe… dough is not very doughy like yours and I’m not sure why.

  15. Just made these again today – a little bit of a Disney fix here in Minnesota! I think the secret I have learned is to not let them bake too long. I take them out when I think maybe they need another minute or two!

  16. I just made a batch of these cookies, and they turned out great, except for one thing. THey stuck to the parchment paper really bad.

  17. I made these this morning before work. They were a hit. Definitely will make them again just not bake them as long so they are more chewy. Thanks!

  18. I am from Chicago but at my annual family Disneyland trip right now. These are and have been, Mickey-hands down, the best cookies ever. It has become a tradition for a nightly bedtime snack while snuggling into The Grand Californian. May replicate at home….but not sure I have personal restraint! Thank you for doing this. #youaremyhero

  19. I followed the recipe exactly but the dough is very crumbly. I live in a high elevation city and wondered if I need to make and adjustment?

    1. I’m not very familiar with baking at high altitudes, and haven’t experienced crumbly dough with this recipe. If the dough seems too crumbly, you can try adding just a touch of milk until it stays together.

  20. I freaking love bloggers like you who take the time to recreate recipes. My son has nut allergies and usually can’t enjoy “normal” foods at parks. I LOVE that I can now make special things for him at home because of people like you. THANK YOU!!

    1. It’s so hard with kiddos and allergies. I totally understand – my daughter had a dairy allergy when she was younger. So glad I could give you something to make extra special for your little guy.

  21. I had the crumbly/dry dough problem, too. My flour was measured properly, but 2 1/2 cups was just too much for the amount of fat in the recipe. I’ll have to try again another day. These have good flavor but they just aren’t right.

  22. I was not overly happy with these cookies. I doubled the recipe and right off the bat I thought they looked too dry. I should have listened to my intuition and added a bit of liquid. Trying to make a cookie that wasn’t all chocolate chips was also a problem. I had to remove more than a cup of choc chips and there were still plenty. It was hard to tell when the cookies were done due to the dry consistency. The taste is good but next time I will add less flour and less choc chips.

  23. OMG, I made 150 of these cookies yesterday and they are FABULOUS!! My dough the first time came out crumbly, so I added one egg yolk and 1 tbsp of butter. I think the reason it came out crumbly was because my original butter was not super soft. But in the end they are perfect. In my second batch I added a little more jam so that each cookie had a nice Jam flavor and that seemed to work a bit better. My kids and husband said these are the best cookies I have ever made. Thank you Bakerlady for sharing this wonderful recipe with us – we love Disneylands version but this is VERY close if not exact to their cookie.

    1. Yes, I actually fries the fresh raspberries and right before forming the cooking I broke the frozen raspberries into pieces, I still used the jelly, the fresh frozen raspberries added a little extra kick yo an already amazing cookie recipe. The raspberries must be fresh and the frozen, not from a package, it does make a difference, I used 1 pint per recipe😍

  24. I just made these and my dough was crumbly as well. They tasted delish though! The almond extract was perfect. Next time I will try 1/4-1/2 cup less flour, or add a bit more liquid. I’d definitely make them again!

  25. I forgot a tray of these cookies in the oven for an extra 1 hour 45 min and I want to let you know that they make the MOST delicious biscotti’s . The oven was off, of course! I did it accidently, and I loved these crunchy cookies so much that I then did it on purpose! That’s what I’ll be doing from now on…some regular and soft and a tray of White Chocolate Raspberry Biscotti’s! Note they are VERY crunchy, so you may want to dunk them!

  26. What brand of raspberry jam did you use? There’s so many choices. Also, what’s a good brand for the semi sweet & chocolate chips?

    1. I’m a fan of Smucker’s jams. And have found success from name and off brands of chocolate chips. I generally purchase what I can get on sale and stock up.

  27. These cookies are scrumptious! They are easy to make, look very nice with the raspberry swirl and they taste great. These will now be added to my holiday baking.

  28. I used 1 cup butter, dough was way too crumbly. recipe was almost exactly like my chcolate chip cookie recipe, minus 1/2 cup butter, so I added the missing 1/2 cup butter. I also used raspberry oil flavoring along with almond and vanilla extracts. Refrigerated dough, then baked it.

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