Cheddar Chili Beer Bread

37° and raining. That’s the forecast for the next week or so here in Seattle. Yuck. If it’s going to be that cold, it needs to be snowing. Huge pillowy flakes dumping from the sky. Fluffy mounds of white happiness. That’s what I’d like. Come on! The current weather conditions called for drastic measures in my kitchen. You know what I’m talking about…chili. Is there anything better on a winter day with a damp chill in the air? More on that tomorrow. First, the delicious beer bread I made to go with the chili. It’s full of sharp cheddar and totally non-hot green chili peppers. A perfect companion to a hearty bowl of warmth.

Cheddar Chili Beer Bread08
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Alton Brown’s Stove Top Macaroni & Cheese

First of all, I’d like to welcome all the new folks who found me over the weekend from Lizzie’s Tips For Everyday Living! So glad you’ve found all the deliciousness on Bakerlady. Thank you for your many kind comments and for sharing your memories of Banana Pudding with me. You made my weekend full of joy. I love new friends. You guys helped push my little blog over a million all time hits on Saturday. I’m amazed by all of your willingness to put up with my ramblings. I have the best readers ever! Ok, enough sappy love fest-ness. On to some deliciousness.

Not gonna lie. I’m a pushover for the Kraft mac n’ cheese. I’m a total foodie, so it’s a little embarrassing to admit, but it’s true. I get a hankerin’ for it now and then and nothing else will do. Devastating fact of the week: my kids won’t eat it. I know. They are the most bizarre children ever. Madison had a severe dairy allergy from the time she was 1 until she turned three and blessedly grew out of it, so macaroni and cheese was not something she ever ate. I tried making a dairy free, soy cheese version once. Yeah. Just once. A single gag inducing bite later and the whole pot was in the trash. When she suddenly was fine with dairy again, I celebrated by doing a happy dance, then melting butter into  powdery orange cheese from the blue box. Alas, she wouldn’t eat it. I was heartbroken.

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Everything But The Kitchen Sink Breakfast Bake

I love a good breakfast bake. It’s so adaptable. You can put just about everything in them. This is my base recipe for a perfectly filling and delicious morning meal. I’ve made it so many times I can practically do it in my sleep. Which is good, since I’m always throwing it together first thing in the morning. Yawn.

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Zucchini Pizzas

Stay with me. I know the title of this recipe sounds a little odd. But I promise, these are delicious. Sort of like a deep-fried zucchini meets a pepperoni pizza. In one delicious mouthful. Not much goes better with a lazy Sunday watching football than pizza. Unfortunately, I’ve already way surpassed my quota for slices eaten this season. So, I set out to make myself something to munch that would be hearty and filling with the flavors of pizza and none of the guilt. Zucchini pizzas were born. These little babies are delicious and a mostly healthy alternative to cheese drenched bread on game day.

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Vegetable and Four Cheese Stuffed Shells

Boy, the Italians sure know what they are doing with food. I could stay happily fed for the rest of my life with all the varieties of cheese, pasta and red sauce from that region. This by far my favorite vegetarian dinner. Full of spinach and broccoli and oozing with cheesy goodness wrapped in a pasta shell and smothered with rich tomato sauce. You could easily turn this into a lasagna by layering the cheese mixture with noodles and sauce. Or, mini individual  appetizers by layering it with wonton wrappers, and sauce in a muffin tin. All of them would be absolutely delicious! [Read more…]

Crack Bread

I’ve seen this “recipe” so many times on Pinterest, I just had to give it a try. It is not elegant. It is not classy. You should not serve this to impress your husband’s boss. This is as far from diet food as you can possibly get. Not good for you at all. I could feel my arteries seizing up as I ate it. But I could not stop. Need bread? And cheese? Think all things are better with bacon? And butter? Yeah…I told you it wasn’t good for you. When you are ready to kick that New Year’s resolution to the curb, this is the thing to help you along.
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Easy Cheesy Breakfast Bake

This is a delicious filling breakfast dish that you can easily make for brunches, playdates, lazy Saturday mornings or whenever you have a hankerin for a special (but simple) breakfast. You can put the whole thing together the night before and just pop it in the oven at your leisure in the morning. I absolutely LOVE recipes you can make in advance. You won’t believe how easy it is to throw together. You’ll be out of the kitchen in about 10 minutes flat. [Read more…]

Stuffed Mushrooms

Oh how I love mushrooms. One of my favorite appetizers is the stuffed mushrooms at Olive Garden. I know that all the cheese, butter, cheese and breadcrumbs takes away from the nutritional value of the shrooms, but I don’t care. Mmmmmm delicious. Tomorrow we’re having an all day Star Wars Marathon with our small group for my hubby’s birthday. I made up a batch of these babies for the occasion – bonus, this recipe can be made ahead so all you have to do during your event is pop them in the oven! Baked up a couple to taste test and am now struggling to not just make the whole batch and eat them for a late night snack. Must resist…. [Read more…]

Free Cheese!

I love couponing. It saves me so much money. I cannot believe I used to pay full price for things at the grocery store. I love this site and this site. They help me stay on budget for groceries. Tonight was possibly the most fun I’ve ever had at Albertsons. Why? Because I got free cheese. Yes, you heard (saw) right. I said FREE. Lots of it.

Free Cheese!

Shopping Trip:

10 bags Kraft Cheese (2 Parmesan, 3 Mozzarella, 3 Cheddar and 2 Co-Jack)
4 Jars Kraft Mayo
4 Packs Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs
2 Tubs Cool Whip

Full Price Cost: $87.40
Price I paid: $8.96
BUT — I also have in my hot little hand $6 in catalinas that I can spend the next time I’m in the store. So really, I paid $2.96 for all that stuff.
Total Savings: $84.44

Now that’s a good night at the grocery store. Yup. Yup. Gonna freeze the cheese. Well, most of it. The hot dogs too. Probably give some of the mayo to my sister. Will use the Cool Whip in a Margarita Fruit Dip for my other sister’s bridal shower this weekend…I’ll post that recipe and photos when I make it. 🙂 But seriously. All that cheese would have been almost$45. And I didn’t pay a dime for it. Did I mention I love coupons?

*I’ve been requested to share my couponing tips…so here they are:

1. Read the two links I posted.

2. Subscribe to the newspaper. (I get 5 Sunday papers)

3. Stock up on things you frequently use when they are on sale plus you have coupons. And I mean STOCK UP. Like, buy as many of the thing as you can.Especially non-perishables. Cereal is one of the easiest things to save on — and to stock up on because it lasts a long time in your pantry. Canned soups, fruit snacks, granola bars etc. are great too. Think about what you can use/freeze and buy up.

4. Cook from your stockpile as much as possible.

5. Allow your family shopper to coupon-grocery shop in the evening without the munchkins. Coupons and kids in the checkout stand do not really mix well.

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