It’s true. Cooking and baking are not the same. I cook because, well – my family has to eat. I enjoy seeing my husband and kids gobbling up dinners, asking for seconds. I really love it when my kids look at me after a meal and say “Thank you mommy for such a wonderful dinner!”. That’s pretty awesome. I don’t have the same love for cooking that I have for baking, but unfortunately, we can’t live on baked goods alone. Drat! I like finding new recipes to make because, as a stay-at-home mom, there tend to be certain meals I make over and over if I’m not careful. Blogging about dinners helps me keep some excitement in the nightly meal planning. I have to admit though that some of the stuff my husband likes best is what he calls “thrown together” – it’s even better if it’s “thrown together from across the room”. It’s something his dad used to say when a meal was awesome, but obviously just put together on the fly. Those are the best!

Search under dinner to find my blogs about meals. Or appetizers if you’re planning a party! Check out my Flickr account for photos of all the deliciousness. You’ll find links to all the recipes in the descriptions.


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