Dissonant Symphony

In order to keep Bakerlady’s focus on deliciousness, I have created Dissonant Symphony. A new blog about the journey to complete a masterpiece of life. About struggles, triumphs, how life changes and how it stays the same. I’ll be talking about activities, field trips, projects, Classical Conversations, my walk with the Lord and all the beautiful things that make life a cacophony of sound. I’m thrilled and excited to get to share more of my crazy life with you, and hope you enjoy following our adventures over at Dissonant Symphony. If you feel so inclined, leave me a comment there and share some of your own symphony with me.

Art Hub For Kids

We started our homeschooling journey at the start of the 2013 school year. We participate in a program called Classical Conversations (affectionately called CC) and spend most of our time singing songs, drawing maps and reading together. My hope is that by sharing some of our adventures, you’ll be encouraged in whatever schooling journey you choose. Many of the projects and activities we tackle can easily be adapted to a traditional classroom or included in your normal family time.


Until last year, I always swore I wouldn’t home school.  I was sure I couldn’t possibly handle being my children’s parent AND teacher. That I’d go crazy, or become a uber-type-A-strictly-structured (and hated by my children) person. The funny thing is, none of that has happened. I’ve been incredibly (pleasantly) surprised at how smoothly we’ve transitioned as a family, and what a blessing homeschooling has been.

Water Pollution Experiment16

I don’t share our journey lightly, or expect that you will agree with everything I say. Nor do I think that homeschooling is necessarily what is best for every child/family. We began homeschooling because we thought it was best for us. And so far, nothing has changed that opinion. So we’re going to keep voyaging to the great unknown, learning as a family how to succeed along the way.

Bubbler Experiment

Head on over to Dissonant Symphony to see what we’re up to on our homeschooling journey. You might even discover an activity or two to enjoy with your own kids (or grandkids)…whether you homeschool or not.


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