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Reese’s Peanut Butter Bars

You are going to hate me for giving you this recipe. Either that, or you’ll want to erect a monument in your town square. Possibly to me. More likely to these peanut butter bars. They are amazing. In every way. Totally easy. 5 minutes into the pan, no baking easy. Sinfully delicious. I am not kidding. I want to eat the entire batch and I’m normally not really a peanut butter/chocolate girl.  I know. I’m crazy. I must have been dropped on my head as a child or something. It’s a flaw. I’m sorry. Does it help that I loooooooove these?
I cannot express how exactly these taste like a Reese’s peanut butter cup. They are, in a word…perfect.

We start with some simple ingredients. Graham cracker crumbs, powdered sugar and peanut butter.

Add some melted butter.


Mix it all together with a wooden spoon until it looks like this. See? Doesn’t that look like I spent an hour scooping out the insides of a couple hundred peanut butter cups?

Press it into a pan. I love offset spatulas. They are amazing.

By the way, I was feeling totally lazy tonight. Didn’t even print this recipe out. Just unplugged my netbook (isn’t it cute?) and set it on the counter. Yes. This is how I roll.

Now we’re going to melt up some chocolate and peanut butter into a gorgeous pseudo ganache. I totally did mine in the microwave cause I didn’t want to dirty a pot. Don’t eat this straight out of the bowl.

Give your spreader a wipe down and use it again to put the chocolate on top of your peanut butter layer.

Chill for an hour, then cut into squares. I like to use a pastry scraper for this. It fits so nice and neatly into a dish.

For perfectly square and even bars.

Peanut butter and chocolate perfection.

Happy dance. Happy, happy dance!

Print Recipe For Reese’s Peanut Butter Bars

Reese’s Peanut Butter Bars
(from Let’s Dish)

1 cup butter melted
2 cups graham cracker crumbs (use the boxed kind, or grind them in a food processor. Tiny granules.)
2 cups confectioners’ sugar
1 cup + 4 tablespoons peanut butter
1 1/2 cups semisweet chocolate chips

In a medium bowl, mix together the melted butter, graham cracker crumbs, confectioners’ sugar, and 1 cup peanut butter until well blended. Press evenly into the bottom of an ungreased 9×13 inch pan. In a metal bowl over simmering water, or in the microwave, melt the chocolate chips with the peanut butter, stirring occasionally until smooth. Spread over the peanut butter layer. Refrigerate for at least one hour before cutting into squares.


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572 thoughts on “Reese’s Peanut Butter Bars

      1. I had a problem getting them out of the pan and cutting them was next to impossible. I am going to try using wax paper, parchment, or something and cutting them before they get too hard. After one hour in the refrigerator, they were too hard to cut without ruining their appearance. They were delicious and will make them again.

      2. I always use unsalted butter unless the recipe specifically calls for salted. The different manufacturers use varying amounts of salt to make their butter so it’s a guessing game unless you stick with the unsalted.

      3. I haven’t made these yet, but I have other similar recipes and would love to compare. That said, your comments are hysterical. Better than late nite tv. Thanks for the laugh. I may borrow some of your wit.

      4. Thanks so much. My sisters think I’m a giant dork (and they’re probably right). It’s always nice to tell them “my blog readers think I’m hysterical”. 🙂

    1. I made these a few weeks ago and they were delicious! But I am curious if others had the problem of the chocolate layer coming off the peanut butter layer when cutting them into squares. Any solution to that problem?

      1. Hmmmm. I don’t think I’ve had any other comments about that. The melted chocolate should be melty enough to “glue” itself to the peanut butter layer before it hardens back up. Glad they were yummy though!

      2. u need to cut the cake before the chocolate has cooled down completely or u can either cut it with a VERY hot knife lol and then cool it back down otherwise the chocolate is gonna crack. i know because ive worked in a cake factory lol.

      3. I think if the pb layer is too cool, then the warm chocolate will harden too quickly and come apart from the pb layer. The pb layer should be warmish or a warm room temperature/not refrigerated or left to sit in too cool of a place before putting the warm chocolate on. The chocolate is hardening before it has a chance to bond with the pb layer. It might help to let the chocolate set/cool a little at room temp after spreading instead of refrigerating it right away. The fats in the pb layer must not be adhering to the fats in the chocolate because of the rapid cooling.

      4. Try scoring the peanut butter mixture with a fork before pouring on chocolate topping. Also, you can melt a teaspoon of peanut butter to the chocolate to make it a little more pliable and less prone to cracking when hardened.

      5. Just an idea, but you could use a fork to poke some holes into the bottom layer and thus allow the chocolate to fill them in to hold the top on maybe?

      6. Yes, I make a very similar recipe and have always cut into bars before chilling. First cut from one side then go back in the other direction to make a nice chocolate swirl design.

      7. Score the chocolate topping with a sharp knife tip before trying to cut the bar. Use it warmed (the knife).

    2. You never said how to store them. Do you keep in freezer or refrigerator? I live in the deep south where it is constantly humid here , I noticed as soon as I pulled them out of the freezer the topping started to get real soft. HELP

      1. I live in the Pacific Northwest where it’s never really that hot. I’d keep them in the fridge where you are.

      2. I think that’s funny — I’m thinking that there may be some batches of this that never get stored, much like batches of chocolate chip cookies that never get baked… 🙂

    1. I love Pinterest. And, I may be mildly addicted to it. Perhaps I should pin a support group page? 🙂

    1. As kids, my mom didn’t use the graham crackers. It’s still good. We just would melt the butter and peanut butter (has to be done on a stove–microwave does not work for this) and then add powdered sugar until it thickened. Refridgerate until hardened. Cheap treat for us kids. No chocolate top but we weren’t picky–it was a sugary treat after all!

      I’d love to try it with graham crackers though.

    1. Good catch! I have the smartest readers. Yes, I used a 9×9 – but I’m pretty sure (it’s been a while since I made these…I’m going off my pictures) that I halved the recipe and put it in a 9×9. The full recipe ingredients are posted – so use a 9×13.

    1. Good catch! I have the smartest readers. Yes, I used a 9×9 – but I’m pretty sure (it’s been a while since I made these…I’m going off my pictures) that I halved the recipe and put it in a 9×9. The full recipe ingredients are posted – so use a 9×13 pan if you’re making the ingredients listed.

      1. I made this yesterday and had only orea crumbs instead of graham cracker crumbs and they were delicous !!!

  1. Thanks for posting this! I can’t wait until mine finish cooling 🙂 BTW I totally do the laptop on the counter thing all the time 🙂 Much easier that way 🙂

      1. I am with you. I plan my entire Thanksgiving or Christmas meals on my iPad and then put all the recipes there and cook from it in the kitchen. How great is that?

      1. I’m totally an electronics-on-the-counter kinda gal — laptop, Kindle, heck- even my Droid. Much easier then worrying about making sure I have ink in the printer…

  2. Just tryed this, trying to wait patiently for it to be done. Saw your post on penterest. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Let me know how that goes! I’d love to be able to make some for my Celiac sister and her GF kiddos. 🙂

      1. I just made them gluten free. They are wonderful!!! OK, they are still chilling, but the batter is sooo good. I used EnviroKids, Koala Krisp. They are like a coco krispies. And of course gluten free chocolate chips which aren’t to difficult to find. I used Baker’s Secret from Aldi, but Nestle are gluten free too. At least they were last time we used them.
        It’s so nice to have a dessert that no one knows is gluten free. My in-laws won’t eat it if they know. Not sure if its because of a cost issue (GF flours are very expensive) or because they don’t like them.
        Thanks for the recipe!!!

      2. You are very welcome! Thanks for listing what you used for all the other GF readers out there!

  3. I made these this weekend for a Game Nite with our small group. They were a huge hit! Thanks for posting!! People said they would just have one because they were rich, but later they couldn’t help but eat another 🙂

      1. Haha, indeed! She left us with thousands of hand written recipes and recipes clipped from various things. Going through those, doing our blog, and makig cookbooks is our new project!

    1. I think the taste would be ok. It’s a vanilla cookie so it isn’t going to throw the taste off too much. Nilla wafers are harder than graham crackers and you’d be pulsing them fine yourself from the whole cookies. I would just make sure to get the crumbs really really finely ground. Let me know how that works for you? Please?

    1. I used either JIF or Skippy’s. Those are the two I always have around for baking (the natural stuff may be way better for you, but I don’t find it does that well in baked goods).

      1. I’ve used both Jif regular peanut butter and Jif reduced fat peanut butter, and I prefer the saltier (less sweet?) taste of the regular peanut butter. I think it tastes most like Reese’s peanut butter cups!

  4. At this moment I want to erect a stature in your honor. However, tomorrow when I have eaten the whole tray in one day I may be cursing you forever. Ether way these are amazing.

    I use real peanut butter, you know the stuff that is just peanuts and no other chemical ingredients, and it worked great.

    1. I’m glad you are at the statue erecting part…at least for a little while. I’ll have to let my mom know the real stuff works- she never buys the “fake” stuff and I’m never sure which recipes are going to turn out well with the real peanut peanut butter.

  5. I have been making something similar for eons (yes, I’m that old-ish). I saw this on Pinterest and wondered if it was the same recipe. Close. I use the cinammon graham crackers and don’t crush them up as fine. That way, from time to time, you get a little crunchiness in a bite. (My Grandpa passed away 20 or so years ago would always have me make them for him everytime we visited. This always makes me think of him.)

  6. How long will these stay good for, unrefrigerated? Thinking of sending these to the guys that are deployed.

  7. My family has been making these for years, they’re so good! Always a hit at holiday parties! You can also sprinkle the chocolate chips on top, pop in oven for 5 minutes, then spread evenly.

      1. Oh, ok. That makes much more sense. I just couldn’t picture it with the peanut butter. 🙂

      2. You can use 2/3 chocolate chips and 1/3 peanut butter chips, melt in a 200 degree oven for 5ish minutes and then spread the chips.

  8. These look amazing, but as a Weight Watchers follower, I’m wondering if there is any way to reduce the calorie count! Any suggestions for ingredient substitutions??

    1. I suppose you could try using some kind of butter substitute, and could use reduced fat grahams crushed fine, but other than that – I don’t think there would be good results from subbing any of the other stuff.

      1. Best way to not lose quality but reduce calories is to eat a smaller serving size. They should still taste PERFECT yet last longer. They ought to freeze well or even keep in fridge for a long time. Then maybe you won’t “wear” them on your hips?!!!!! I’ve just now found this recipe so have not yet made them but in the photos they look like large pieces. I will make them with my granddaughter soon. She will love these!!!!! And she has three brothers to help us devour them. Unfortunately my husband is allergic to peanuts so we will do this early in the day before he gets home to smell them!

      2. They are fairly decent sized bars the way I cut them up. Great idea to make them smaller. Freezing them works very well too!

  9. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these! I have made them quite a few times. People always say they taste like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I laughed at your comment about how lazy you were. I can up you on that one. LOL! I was too lazy to unplug my laptop and bring it to the kitchen…so I just took a picture of the recipe with my phone and followed it from there! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  10. Love this recipe, have made them the same since I was a kid. Now, I like putting half the chocolate on the bottom and refrigerate while making the pb part. The other half goes on top as per instructions. You have to be more careful while spreading the pb mixture, but it’s worth it having the chocolate on both sides. And definitely line the pan (foil or parchment) so you can just pick the whole thing up when done and not have that lovely bottom layer of chocolate stick.

  11. Sooo…just made these with my mom and we actually didn’t pay enough attention to the recipe and put all the peanut butter into the chocolate topping 😮 sooo…ours are like…double peanut butter bars :3 still yummy though

  12. Found these running around pinterest and currently have them in the fridge cooling (my husband is anxiously checking them.) They taste great. I used “real” peanut butter (just peanuts and salt) and as i didn’t have grahamn crackers, I ground up almonds and oatmeal in the food processor for substitute. Not the same, but gives it the same texture (plus slightly more nutritious, but who is worrying about nutrition eating these?). And i doubled the whole recipe and put it in a 15X11. So not exactly the same as here, but they still turned out delicious. My only question is how to spread the chocolate so evenly on the top? My chocolate mixed in in places.

    1. If the chocolate mixed it’s probably either because the peanut butter mixture wasn’t completely set, or the chocolate started to re-solidify on you. I’m glad with your substitutions they were still delicious and “healthier”. 🙂

  13. I made these and they were very good. The only problem I am having is getting them out of the dish. I did not cut them up in bars and have just cut them as someone wants them. Any suggestions? I guess I could use foil or wax paper next time?

    1. I always have a little trouble with the first one out of the pan (like the first piece of pie). If you’re having trouble, I would go around the edge with a knife. Even if you aren’t taking all of them out, it will loosen the batch from the pan. And yes, a foil sling or wax paper would make it all the easier.

  14. My husband just e-mailed me stating he needs to bring in a dessert for a potluck at work – tomorrow! So, glad I found these on Pinterest – sound so easy and he loves peanut butter cups. Thanks for posting – so glad I found you!

  15. I made these today with my 1 1/2 year old. He loves helping (or should I say tasting) and it was great to finally make a treat that doesn’t have eggs so he could “help” all the way through the cooking process. Oh, and they were amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  16. You just made me a rockstar in my house with this recipe!!! My kiddos are going crazy for them and I am one happy Mama that they are happy…Thank you!

  17. I have a recipe that calls for melted chocolate on top like this, and I just pop a can of milk chocolate frosting in the microwave for 45-50 seconds on high. It pours out easily and hardens when it is cooled. So easy! This is going with me to our next family get together, the kids are going to love it.

  18. I grew up with this recipe, only we never mixed PB w/ the chocolate chips. Tried it your way, and the cookies cut SO. MUCH. EASIER. No more chocolate topping breaking in pieces or splitting away from the bottom layer entirely! Thank you 🙂

  19. I didn’t have any graham crackers, so I made this with saltines instead. It’s fantastic! Thank you! And I highly recommend trying it with saltines sometime! I don’t know about you, but I love my peanut butter and chocolate with a bit of salt.

      1. Salty goes with chocolate every time! Let me know how the ritz turns out. Will be great to add another on the list of substitutes.

  20. I made these yesterday. I didn’t have graham crackers so I used cheerios. Delicious! I can’t stop eating them.

  21. These look way good i think i will use these as xmas gifts find a pretty box some tissue paper and a ribbon !!!

  22. I don’t have any powered sugar at home can I use regular sugar instead? Would i need to put the same amount of sugar or less? Thank you

    1. No, you should not sub regular sugar for the powdered sugar. It will be too granular and will ruin the texture. 😦

  23. delicious~! I made them in a 9×13 pan and they were really thin and the chocolate didn’t spread all the way across until I melted more chocolate chips. For 9×13 I will half the recipe and add that much more next time and use a whole small bag of chocolate chips. Thanks for the recipe!

  24. my buckeyes are basically this in ball form, but searching ideas for a bake sale this sunday I stumbled upon this and thought “DUH! BIG RED TRUCK!” but now thinking about it and my recent dicovery of nutella (I know I’m way late to that party) what would your opinion be using nutella (well, a cheaper version of that sweet ambrosia) in place of he peanut butter?

    1. I haven’t really done much baking with Nutella, so my opinion would totally be a guess. I think it would be a little too chocolatey (is that possible?) if there was chocolate in the bar and the topping. But, these are so easy to make, I say give it a go and if for some reason they are horrible – you’ll still have the time and energy to whip up another batch. Let me know how it turns out if you try it!

  25. Would you be able to use margarine instead of butter for the recipe? And I don’t have a 9×13 pan, I have a 5×8.5 inch pan, how would I alter the recipe? Halve it like you did?

    Also, these look delicious! Can’t wait to make them.

    1. I halved it for an 8×8. So, in your pan if you halve it – the bars will be quite a bit thicker. I would do a third of the recipe for that size pan. I’m an all butter girl, margarine is just never the same to me. But, it never hurts to try!

  26. Thanks! You do deserve a monument for this recipe! I didn’t have crackers so I used oatmeal only, it was delicious. After unsuccessfully cutting few pieces, I took it out of the fridge for some time to soften a little then cut it. It came out beautiful.

  27. Thanks so much for this recipe! My daughter told me this afternoon that she wanted to bake something for her teacher’s birthday tomorrow, and I had NOTHING in the house! Not even a full bag of chocolate chips for plain old chocolate chip cookies. But I did have some Baker’s Semi Sweet chocolate squares and the other basic ingredients, so you saved the day! They are cooling now, and we’re looking forward to giving them a try in the morning (never too early for peanut butter & chocolate!) 🙂

    1. Oh, and I hadn’t read through these comments yet, so we used a full recipe in a square dish just like the one in your pics. Hopefully, by chilling over night, they’ll just be extra thick peanut butter chocolate bars–even better!

    2. What a sweet daughter you have to want to bring something for her teacher’s birthday. I love recipes with ingredients you have around the house at a moments notice. Especially since usually a moment is all the notice kids give you. 🙂

  28. This may have already been answered, but is there any way to use splenda with this? It looks sooooo good, but I’m diabetic.

      1. Let me know how it works! If they have a powder sugar blend I’m sure it will turn out great.

  29. I don’t have have graham crackers. Would crushed vanilla wafers work? I so want to try these without waiting until my next shopping trip!

  30. Thank you so much for this recipe! My husband and son loves peanut butter and chocolate! I made these for the Rokie’s baseball game tonight! Thanks again!

  31. I am waiting for these to cool in the fridge. Took about 10 minutes to set everything up (assemble bowls, melt butter, chocolate and measure ingredients) and literally a minute or two to put in the container. I love that it’s so easy, but also hate that it’s so easy! We’ll see the final results tonight when I use my husband’s shop as guinea pigs. 🙂

    I’d also suggest a pinch or two of salt if you use unsalted butter (like I did). Wasn’t sure which kind I should use, but the pinch made it perfect! ! ! 🙂

    Thanks again for this amazing recipe. ❤

  32. I have these chilling in the fridge right now. I found them on Pinterest and I can’t wait to try them. I am going to my first Bunco game tonight and was told to bring a dessert. Fingers crossed!!! To be certain of quality control I did lick all of the bowls and spatulas used in this recipe, so I am pretty sure these are going to be killer!

  33. Most simple and delicious recipe ever I ‘m making it right now tasting while making and already am loving it so much.Thank you this is a great saver!

  34. Satan, get thee behind me. Then grab me by the hair, pull my head back violently, and force EVERY LAST ONE OF THESE INTO MY MOUTH. #Brilliant.

  35. I didnt have enough graham cracker crumbs so I used some pretzel TownHouse Flipsides. YUMMM!!! can’t wait to see my hubby’s face when he bites into one for desert!

  36. I just made this, and the peanut butter batter part is very batter-like and runy not stiff the way yours looks! 😦 I hope it still turns out ok, I put it in the fridge to harden before I put the chocolate on it. We shall see! * crossing fingers*

    1. I cannot imagine why the peanut butter would be runny. Hmmm. Hope they eventually firmed up.

    1. If you aren’t going to eat them within a few days I’d keep them in the fridge. Mine were gone within hours…

  37. Bummer Kids just ate the last of my Graham Crackers for after school snacks today!! I would have totally been making this tonight!! Thanks for the Simple Yummy Treat!! BTW Love your offset spatulas (I sell Pampered Chef)!!

    1. You are welcome. Buy extra grahams next time you’re out. I have a new recipe coming soon that is AH-mazing and simple and uses them. 🙂 I love my spatulas too!

  38. I JUST made these and can’t wait for that hour in the fridge to pass already! I did have a sneak peek taste of the peanut butter mix and the chocolate and they both taste delicious so far!

    1. I believe other readers have used various dry cereals as well as nilla wafer cookies with success.

  39. Must. Go. To. Store. Need. Graham. Crackers.
    All kidding aside, I can’t wait to try these; thanks for sharing!

  40. I am excited to try this! Do you need one cup of melted butter, or do you melt 2 sticks (1 cup) of butter? Thanks!

    1. Excellent. I’d really like to be holding a cookie sheet and spatula in the monument. 🙂 Glad you love them!

  41. I’ve been making something like this for years and the family comes unglued if I show up for the Holidays without them! This is a bit different, so I’m anxious to make them, maybe this week-end. I love Pinterest!

  42. I got a Nestle Tollhouse cookbook (with this recipe in it) for Christmas a few years back, and it is hands-down my favorite! I love, love love, these. I generally make more of the chocolate topping….it makes them even better…Sigh. Now I want some!!!

    1. I should have known Nestle would have something like this. I have one of their cookbooks and it’s awesome. More chocolate is always better.

  43. I used to buy these al a cart in high school and would have loved the recipe years ago… where were you then?! Anyway, here in Wisconsin they make them with rice crispies…yuck… not the same. So glad I found you on Pintrest… when you pin the support group I will have to join… highly addictive!

    1. I’m so jealous of all of you who got these in school. I had no such deliciousness on a cart. A girlfriend of mine calls that support group the Betty Crocker Clinic. 🙂 Glad you found me!!

    1. Love my pastry scraper! I also use it to get dollups of pancake batter scraped off the counter. 🙂

  44. Thank you for posting this, I lost my recipe for these and glad to have it back again. Thanks so much!

      1. I keep all my favorite recipes on computer in a file because they are easier to locate as well as easier to send to anyone who requests the recipe.

  45. Just made this! A few tips that’s did to help with consistencies. I kept about 1/4 of the melted butter aside from the pb mixture to keep it from being too runny like someone stated. It turned out great. Then I added that 1/4 cup of butter to e chocolate pb mixture in the microwave to keep it from seizing and give it an easier time to spread. 🙂 thanks so much for the recipe! Amazing!!!!

    1. You betcha they can be frozen! Put some wax paper between them though so they don’t stick together!

      1. THANK YOU so much. They are in the fridge now and I know my hubs will LOVE them. He loves those Reeses Snickers thingies … and eats them like crazy. Another question, could you use chunky peanut butter in these as well?

      2. I’m sure you could use chunky if you are a fan of crunch in your desserts. Worth trying, the taste would be the same. 🙂

  46. I am DEFINITELY trying these! They seem too easy not to! Curious about one thing though… I would love to make and send these to a friend who loves Reese’s. Any advice on how to ship them? Do you think that would be okay or not so much? Thanks!

    1. I think they’d be ok if you shipped them in a box and made sure there wasn’t room for them to flop around too much. The graham makes them fairly sturdy.

  47. I’m excited to try these…..and add some oatmeal and wheat bran in place of SOME of the graham crackers. Plus, maybe cut it in smaller pieces to satisfy my sweet tooth but not break the calorie bank. 🙂 Tahnks for sharing!!

      1. The substitutions were fantastic. I think I will add more wheat bran next time and less oatmeal. The texture was still good and the taste was amazing. I had to quickly share the pan of bars with several people so I wouldn’t eat them all myself. Thanks, BakerLady!

      2. You are welcome!! Sharing so you don’t eat the whole pan is the ultimate win-win! 🙂

    1. I’ve had readers substitute crushed rice chex with success. Also, you could always go the gluten free graham route.

      1. I have tried gluten free graham crackers and once was enough :P. Crushed rice chex sounds great! Thanks for the recipe and the idea. 🙂

      2. LOL. I feel the same way about the GF grahams. Glad the rice chex sounds like a better idea for you!

  48. Made these for my daughter and son-in-law after they came home with their new baby. Thought they’d have a treat to offer friends who visited:) They liked them so much the pan only lasted a couple days. They’re obviously delicious! Better than the candy bar especially if you use a good chocolate. I think the commercial chocolate can taste waxy. These don’t! Great taste!

    1. Awww! New babies are so fun. What a treat for your daughter to have something so delicious to munch on.

  49. My mom used to make these when I was a kid…I’d forgotten all about them. I think they are too graham-crackery tasting to be “exactly” like a Reese’s but they sure are yummy! I just went in the kitchen and whipped up a batch. Do I really have to wait a whole HOUR to eat them? 😉

    1. I’m amazed how many moms out there used to make these. Mine baked all the time, but I’d never heard of these! Isn’t that hour torture?

  50. I also got a similar recipe in high school (no PB in the topping) and love it. I have been using all natural crunchy peanut butter and graham crackers and it’s fabulous. However, I just found out I can’t have butter ever again- sob- and wonder if you have any suggestions? I tried making them with a dairy free butter substitute but the aftertaste was bad…. Anyway, thank you for sharing this recipe- it’s such a great one!

      1. No problem! Off limits foods are no fun at all. Sorry you have to deal with that!

    1. I’m totally one of those crazy people on Pinterest. It’s all food and exercise. My split personality. 🙂

  51. I made these, but I didn’t follow your instructions. I ate the chocolate straight out of the bowl. The PB graham cracker mixture too. Ha! Still turned out AMAZING, and frankly quite miraculous that there was anything left with all the sneaking of spoonfuls going on!! Thank you for sharing this delicious find and thank you for Pinterest (only I think I need to be pinning more workouts and less recipes of this delicious caliber!) 🙂

  52. YUMMY! I didn’t dare make a 9×13 of these, so I quartered the recipe, and then just made them into balls dipped into the chocolate! Worked great!

  53. What exactly are ‘graham crackers’? We don’t have anything by that name here in the UK but these look delicious! 😀

    1. The closest thing you have in the UK would be digestive biscuits. They are a sweet biscuit. Grahams are little thinner and a little softer but crushed digestive biscuits would work for this recipe. 🙂

      1. Awesome – my son would live on digestives if he could so we always have a biscuit tin full of them. Thanks so much! 😀

    1. Thanks! I have my moments of genius. Unfortunately they’re usually bookended by clutzy-non-geniusness. 🙂

    1. Yes, the chocolate squares can be used – just chop them up before melting them. Chocolate chips are about 6 ounces (weight) per cup. So use 8 ounces (by weight, not volume) of chocolate squares.

  54. I have been searching for this recipe for years!!! The graham cracker crumbs is a different version but I will give it a try! Thank you so, so much!!!

  55. found this on pinterest- made tonight- tried to make them in mini muffin tins with chocolate on bottom, then pb mixture, then chocolate. When they weren’t completely firm, they came out ok w/ help of knife. when I chilled completely I couldn’t get them out at all w/o breaking them up. 😦 They taste AMAZING though. 2nd batch (choc on bottom) is now in bar form in the fridge! thanks for a great new go-to recipe!

    1. Sorry you had trouble getting them out of the mini muffin tin. It’s nice that the recipe is so quick and easy. You (obviously) can just whip up another batch! Enjoy the bars!

  56. I am totally not a baker, but I am def. a chocolate and reeses lover, so I think you really have started something here!! 🙂 Thanks a bunch, I can’t wait to make them!!

  57. Just want to say – you did and absolutely amazing job in presenting this. Photography and descriptions are perfect.

  58. I would love to keep this recipe but I have not found the print icon and if I click ctrl & print it will not print the recipe for me please help

    1. I’m working on a better print function for the blog, but for now, just highlight the recipe text, click print from your file menu (top left of your screen) and make sure the “selection” button is highlighted.

  59. I am in new Zealand and would love to try these. Can you describe graham crackers? Are they similar to super wine biscuits? Cheers

    1. Probably digestive biscuits would be the closest thing you have in New Zealand. I’m not sure what super wine biscuits are. Grahams are a sweet, almost cookieish cracker.

  60. Just made these for a 9×9 with 1/2 cup graham crackers crumbs, and 1/2 cup mixture of finely/coursly chopped pretzels. YUM!!!! Love the extra crunch. Thanks for sharing the recipe! 🙂

  61. I made these so very easy creamy, rich, chocolaty squares of happiness! Used crunchy peanut butter ‘cuz I love peanuts! Thank you for the recipe!

    1. Finally got around to making these with digestive biscuits today. My fiancé loves them and his mum, who I made them for, just sent me a Facebook message saying they are (and I quote) “the best thing I have EVER tasted!” So I think they’re a hit. 😀 They looked like this. 😀

  62. Do you know how well these will hold up in hot weather? Has been and will still be 90+ this weekend. Have been dying to try them. thank you.

  63. As a person pretty unfamiliar with all things culinary, I am so glad I have found this blog! Can’t wait to try out this recipe 🙂 Keep up the good work.

  64. Based on everyone’s review of this recipe, I ran to the store to pick up some graham crackers and chocolate chips. When I got home I was disappointed to discover that I had bought cinnamon graham crackers instead of the original ones. Knowing that the cinnamon flavor would not jive with the peanut butter, and being too lazy to run to the store again, I desperately went in search of a suitable substitute. PRETZEL CRISPS (pretzel chips). I ground them up as fine as I could and proceeded with the recipe. Let me just say that the crunch they provided combined with the creamy chocolate topping was phenomenal! I have no idea what the original recipe tastes like, but I do know that this recipe with the ground up pretzel chips was fantastic! I am looking forward to comparing them to the graham cracker recipe as soon as I can get back to the store.

    1. Mary, that’s a great substitution – there’s a similar recipe on Bakerlady using crushed pretzels giving an added crunch to the peanut butter bar. Well done you.

  65. No chocolate chips, but we did have chocolate frosting, i mixed the container of frosting with a little peanut butter and microwaved until melty stirred and poured over the top, they are currently cooling in the freezer 🙂

  66. Just made theses and they turned out GREAT! Only difference is I used sunbutter instead of reg peanut butter. My family LOVES peanut butter, but needed to use up the sunbutter and we’re going to picnic tomorrow where some people are allergic to peanuts. Everything turned out just great, thanks for the recipe!

    1. Lots of readers have had great success with other kinds of nut butters. I’m sure they’ll turn out fabulously!

  67. I ran across this recipe on Pinterest last week. I hemmed and hawed for awhile. My husband is allergic to chocolate and we rarely have any in the house. Yes, I know it’s sad. But it’s something we deal with. I really wanted these bad though. In comes what my husband can eat, which is carob chips. Some people can’t stand them, we love them. So today, after realizing that I did have graham crackers in the house, I got to work on them. Absolutely fantastic with carob!!!!! I think it’s better than chocolate this way because it isn’t super sweet (I’m weird that I think Reese’s peanut butter cups are too sweet now that I’m no longer a teenager). So thanks for the recipe, even though I used carob instead of chocolate. My husband has inhaled a fourth of the pan already (don’t worry, he NEEDS the calories!)

    1. I have a husband like that. Not allergic to chocolate, needs calories. It is very annoying. Glad you could find a substitution that worked for you guys! Well done!

  68. I so love Pinterest. I am a big peanut butter (Peter Pan) lover. This recipe looks absolutely delicious. My boyfriends daughter are coming this weekend so I am going to the store so we can make them together. Then will make them again when my son comes back from his dads. And then make them again for a Moosel Lodge function or a bake sale or a bday party or for a game or movie night. LOL, hmm, wonder how many other occasions I could come up with for an excuse to make them. One of the girls (14 yrs old) has Crones disease so I will have to do some substituting for a batch for her.
    Happy peanut butter bar making day. lol

    1. Pinterest is the BEST! Glad you found these! Sounds like you have a lot of things to make them for! Enjoy!

  69. My daughter made them for us for a family get together today and the kids all enjoyed watching the process and are now enjoying eating them. They are really yummy! It has also been great reading all the comments and suggestions! thanks

  70. How do you think it’d do with Nutella as the top spread, rather than the chocolate/pb mix?

    1. If you like nutella, it would probably be delicious. Not sure how firm nutella gets though, it might be a little soft to cut into squares that are pretty.

    1. I have never frozen them, but I see no reason why they would not freeze very well. Reese’s Peanut Butter cups are AWESOME frozen – I’d guess that these would be too.

  71. Did this recipe today! I have to say, being a sucker for chocolate and peanut butter, this is THEE recipe for my craving!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Followed your recipe to a T and it came out perfect!

    1. You are very welcome. Recipes that perfectly fit cravings are a match made in baker heaven. Especially when no baking is required. 🙂

  72. I’ve been making a similar recipe for several years, except some of the measurements of yours are a little different than mine. I’ll have to try your now. 🙂 When I really want the pb and chocolate overload, I put this into a 8×8 pan instead of a 9×13, and let me tell you, it is delish!!

  73. Made this for my family last night and there is only 3 bars left. Followed recipe exactly and it turned out wonderful!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

  74. I came across these in search of something to make for my husband for the awful week he has had. They have turned out perfect! In fact he said they are the BEST thing I have ever made lol Not sure how to take that, but they certainly made his day better!! Thank you 🙂

    1. What a wonderful wife you are to make something special to cheer him up. I’m so pleased he loved them. 🙂

  75. I have to try these! We used to get peanut butter bars in elementary school that looked a lot like yours. They were AMAZING!! And I’ve missed them… I’m 31 now… definitely going to try your recipe!

    1. Several readers have mentioned having something like these in elementary school — it always makes me wish I went wherever you did. Enjoy the flashbacks!

  76. Can I make them without Graham Crackers? I don’t have any at home right now and now I am craving these bars!!!! 🙂

    1. I’ve had readers substitute crushed nilla wafers, chex or digestive biscuits. But you have to use some kind of cracker/cookie crumb otherwise they won’t solidify into a bar.

      1. Haha I don’t have anything like that…Guess I will have to get some at the grocery store 🙂

    1. Hmmmmm. I’ve never had it not set up perfectly. If you haven’t put the chocolate on yet and it isn’t setting up you could always mix in some more graham cracker crumbs until it firms up a little. I have no idea what may have happened that would make them liquidy.

  77. Can I melt Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bars and use those instead of the semi-sweet chocolate chips? Or would it throw off the consistency?

    1. You probably could do Hersheys without it messing with the consistency. Milk chocolate melts up pretty much the same as semi-sweet.

      1. I used milk chocolate because I’ve never heard of ‘semisweet’ and thought they were the same thing. It turned out just fine. 🙂

    1. No way you can only eat one! Glad they turned out great for you! I love a good fool proof recipe. 🙂

  78. Look great and can’t wait to try it – hope I get to the “put it in the pan” step”!! BTW…I almost always put my laptop on the kitchen counter while cooking/baking. Why waste paper? (OK, I’m too lazy to go turn on the printer!). Thanks for a great recipe (found on pintrest!)

    1. I’m so glad to know there are many people who do the laptop on the counter trick. I love it! Thanks for visiting!

  79. Looks so good!!! I’ve been looking for a new recipe with peanut butter in it, and this is IT! Going to try making these bars for my husbands birthday next week!
    – Shannon @ Crumb Cake Creations

  80. Like Cheree I used half almond flour/ half oatmeal ground in food processor as a replacement for the graham crackers. Made it gluten free (assuming your oats are), more protein, and less sugar than if you used the graham crackers. Still amazingly tasty! Seriously, these are so good! Want to try it with Sunbutter for peanut free treat option.

  81. Been making these for years, except we use dark chocolate chips for the top, and have never put PB in with the choc chips…might have to try it that way! These also freeze great!!!

    1. I’ve had a couple people tell me they freeze great! Mine didn’t stick around long enough for that. Love how many people make versions of these. They are a great quick treat!

  82. Thanks for the recipe! It looks absolutely amazing!
    I’m just wondering… would it work if I were to use white chocolate as the top layer (to imitate the White Chocolate Reese’s Cups)? =)

    1. I don’t see why white chocolate wouldn’t work. If you love that kind of Reese’s, I say give it a whirl! White chocolate can be a little tricky when melting it though, so keep your eye on it closely.

  83. I am going to make these for this weeks playmate with my girlfriends and their kids!!!! They
    Look and sound delicious!!!!

      1. I used Graham crackers put them ziplock and used a small rolling pin to make them into crumbs. Thanks to my mom for mentioning useng the bag and thanks to my utensils can for having my small rolling pin visible.

  84. Hello!
    These are incredibly famous throughout the Albuquerque Public Schools in New Mexico! We called them peanut butter gold bars growing up! Ours had a bit of rice crispies in them. It may have been to stretch the filling but it makes for a wonderful bit of texture! They’ve always guarded the recipe. I have even called to get it with no reply. Thanks so much for posting! In your face APS!! :p

    1. This looks much better than the store bought ones too! I’m excited to make them for my kiddos today!

    2. Melissa, you are most welcome! Feel free to share it with all the poor mommies trying to recreate their kids favorite school snack! 🙂

  85. I want to try making these but I life in england so we don’t have graham crackers or confectioners sugar, anybody know if I’m right in thinking digestives and icing sugar?

    1. Yes, those are the substitutes you want to use. I know others have done so with great results! England is where my family is from…my sisters just got back from a month over there with family.

  86. As soon as my family saw the picture I HAD to make them, and I am glad I did cause they were AMAZING!! Thank you for posting 🙂

  87. I’m pretty sure I’ve linked back to this page a million times since making these yesterday. In my blog, on my fb, everywhere. I love this things & have to resist the urge to just shove the whole pan in my face right now. Thank you so much for making & posting about these!

  88. I just made these today and they are so delicious! I’ll be making them the next time our church has a potluck!

  89. I found this recipe years ago in a magazine and the recipe was credited to a Peg Bracken ( she had a couple of books I Hate to Cook cookbook and I hate Housework)but it was called Georgia
    ‘s Gorgeous Peanut Butter Gems. I used to make them and use melted milk chocolate easter bunnies for the chocolate layer….Just part of a solid bunny that I could get at the now gone Woolco store for 2 for $1.44

    1. You won’t have to force them into it once they taste these. They’ll bow down at your goddess feet freely. Enjoy!

      1. I’m going to send these and pumpkin muffins with cream cheese frosting and they will worship us both! Hahahaha! I love that his is no bake so I don’t even have to labor for my worship.

  90. My peanut butter layer did not harden up. Would it make a difference that I measured a cup of butter and then melted it? When I cut them the peanut part stayed in the pan. They still tasted good but I wouldn’t call mine bars.

    1. No, that’s how you should be doing it with the butter. Hmmmm. I’m not sure why they wouldn’t harden up, unless it’s super warm where you are? I’m sorry they didn’t turn out for you. 😦

  91. I actually drooled while I was making these! geesh. I can’t wait for the kids to go to bed… LOL. Thanks for posting.

  92. These are absolutely incredible! I think I may have one for breakfast tomorrow, if they last that long! Thank you!

  93. I just made these and let them sit for 15 mins., then I sliced them and put them back in the fridge for 45. They came out perfect and taste fantastic!

      1. Thanks!…Also, I was eager to make these because back in the day (waaay back), in our school system, they served something similar, without the chocolate layer, in our cafeteria. I didn’t even hint to my husband , but he said ” you know, these remind me of the Peanut Butter squares from school”….Great recipe!…Enjoy Labor Day weekend!

      2. You are about the 10th reader to share that they had something similar in school and I get jealous every single time. Nothing close to food this good in my school cafeteria. 🙂

      3. We did have great cafeteria food, but as I said, it was the olden days….(o.k., I’m 53). BTW, I’m bringing the squares to my middle sons new house on Saturday, ( I froze them)….and they just told us we’re going to be grandparents!!!…1st one…Yikes!!!…Sorry to ramble..

  94. My husband was raving about how much he loved the mini Reese peanut butter cups so I got on Pinterest and searched for recipes…and found this one! I read it last night and immediately texted my husband that if he brought home some powdered sugar and more butter, I would make him a yummy treat 🙂 He obviously grabbed the needed ingredients so I began making them as soon as he got home…might have been the yummiest midnight snack last night ever!! (and a piece with breakfast too…) Super easy and VERY yummy!! Will definitely be making again and again!

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  96. Anybody have any idea how to do a low carb version of this? I’m guessing just using splenda or some other type of no carb sugar would be a start.

  97. I used chocolate graham crackers and I think it took it up another notch in awesomeness!!! My mouth thanks you for the awesome recipe, but my hips sure don’t!!! 🙂

    1. If you like margarine in general, I’m sure you’d like the taste of this with margarine instead of butter. I’d actually be more worried that it wouldn’t harden up properly if you switch out the butter.

      1. Any other ideas other than butter then? My sister can’t have dairy and I would hate for her to miss out!

      2. There are some soy butters that I used with success in recipes like this back when my daughter had a dairy allergy. Earth Balance (if you can find it) works particularly well. You just want something that firms up when cold like butter does. Most margarines stay soft in the fridge.

  98. I bought milk chocolate and white chocolate chips and put half on one side and half on the other. Both sides were awesome!! If you like the white chocolate reeses try this recipe with white chocolate chips it is so yummy!

  99. Have you tried doing a chocolate layer on the bottom as well so it looks more like a Reese’s when cut? I think I’ll give it a go and see how it works out…

      1. Way too much. Way too sweet. Original recipe is perfect as is. How are the margarine people making out? Just curious…

  100. i have the same netbook and do the same thing! i just use the recipe on the screen and dont waste the paper. i pretend im green but really im lazy 🙂

  101. Thanks for this recipe! Here in northeast Ohio, we call these Hollywood squares :). Not sure why! Lol! They were a staple in school cafeterias when I was growing up….we all loved days they served these! Thanks for taking me for a stroll down memory lane…I have a batch chilling in the fridge right now! :). Blessings!

  102. How Dare you?!! There I was, going about my day like always. Not a care in the world, (except for the kids, work, bills, etc…) Then while browsing Pinterest (inbetween kids, work, bills, etc…of course;) I came across your sinfully delightful, addicting little devil squares! Now I sit here debating whether or not I should work on my willpower, or just kick up the excersise a notch. Hmmmm….I think I’ll have another little bite while I decide. Thanks for the great recipe:)

  103. Help! I just made these. I haven’t even put the chocolate layer on top yet. The peanut butter layer is kind of loose and a little greasy looking. Does it also firm up as it chills in the fridge? I am planning to take these to a fall picnic tomorrow so I’m hoping they turn you delicious. Thanx!

    1. I’m sorry, I haven’t tried a sugar free version. If you have substitutions you’d like to make, please let me know how it turns out!

      1. Oh gosh, I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have used this recipe. It has become a staple in my life! haha I was determined to find my original comment on these because I still do use the chocolate cookie crumbs and still love this recipe more than anything ever! :)!

  104. Just made for a co-workers bridal shower- huge hit! Lots were asking for recipe!! Yum yum yum…thanks for posting! They were not only delicious but super easy to make.

    1. Susan, I think maybe you needed your crumbs to be a little finer. I’ve had many many readers make these with success, but if the grahams aren’t crushed fine enough you’ll taste the grit from them.

  105. Can you use white sugar with this instead of powdered sugar? Or will the consistency not be the same? Thanks in advance (:

  106. So I made these tonight using cookie crumbs instead of graham cracker crumbs (bc I didn’t have any but I NEEDED to make these ASAP!!). Suffice it to say, they did not come out properly. They were very very liquidy. Any idea why that happened?

    1. The only reason I would think it’d be runny is if there weren’t enough crackers crushed up in the mix. 😦

  107. Saw this on Pinterest. (So My Obsession!)
    Made the recipe tonight. Had to “create” the graham cracker portion as I didn’t have any. I used vanilla wafers, Reese’s peanut butter cereal, saltine crackers and oatmeal. Ground it together very finely in my food processor.

    The end product turned out great! Everyone loved it.

    I was wondering if this would be a good recipe to use for a Christmas cookie exchange? Thoughts?
    On top you could put red and green M & M’s for decoration.
    But I’m not sure the bars will hold their firmness and consistency if out of the fridge for too long. I’ll test this theory out.
    It would be a nice addition to all the others frosted, sprinkled, cut out, and peppermint laden cookies this Christmas. 🙂

    Loved the recipe! Even with my “had to” modifications!!

  108. Found this on Pinterest. LOVE IT! (and am totally obsessed with Pinterest!)

    Made this last night. Didnt have any graham crackers, so I used oatmeal, vanilla wafers, Reese’s peanut butter/chocolate cereal, and saltines – all ground in my food processor. Most of it was the vanilla wafers.
    Turned out AWESOME! sooooo good!
    I was wondering if this would be a good item to use for a Christmas cookie exchange? Thoughts??
    Decorating the top with red and green M&M’s would make it festive. My only concern is how long outside of the fridge the bars would hold their consistency/firmness. Im not worried about them softening as much as I would be concerned with them falling apart – or seperating chocolate top from bottom. Right out of the fridge they are perfect!
    And I know this would be a WIN WIN for anyone looking for something that isnt frosted, cut out, or peppermint laden in a cookie exchange. Um, assuming we didnt just eat them all! 🙂

  109. You are SO RIGHT!!! I TOTALLY hate you for this! And so do all my clothes, and my waistline, and my bathroom scale! These are AMAZING! I really just wanted to spoon the filling straight into my MOUTH! Thanks, but I hate you too. 😉 SO GOOD!

  110. I just made this. I was going to do 1/4 the recipe because it’s just the two of us and my husband is not the one who will eat them all! I changed my mind and decided to do the full recipe to share them tomorrow night at youth group. Then I realized I didn’t have all the ingredients but had already started so I did 1/2 the recipe. I’m not sure 1/2 the recipe is enough to share with everyone. *sigh* It’s one of those days… I guess I’ll just have to eat them myself! 😉

    I didn’t have graham crackers so I used nilla wafers but didn’t have enough and so while searching through my very empty cabinet decided to use oatmeal. It probably changed the texture a bit but I kind of like it. Can’t wait to try them once they have cooled!

  111. can chocolate bark be used instead of chocolate chips? I see a whole lot of recipes calling for chips, but I think the bark would work much better.

  112. Another suggestion for those who don’t have any graham crackers on hand: crushed up cheerios. (Or probably any type of crumb-like cereal) I crushed them with a rolling pin and it worked fine.

  113. making this has been a family tradition from my grandmothers recipe but when my daughter called for my recipe I couldn’t find it so she used yours The only difference is that you use p-nut butter to melt the choc. chips with and we love it this way

  114. I made the peanut butter bars for some Christmas gifts for my hubby and a friends hubby and some for my sis and they went down so well and turned out really good – I had to use mcvities digestive biscuits as we are unable to get graham crackers in the uk , but will look out for some when I come to the states this coming March/ April . I packaged the bars in an Aluminium foil box which I pre wrapped in Christmas paper and lined with tissue , and I cellophane wrapped the bars. Will deffo be making them again ! – thanks for posting Baker Lady

  115. I made these this morning, but the bottom layer is very soft (almost mushy). They can hardly be cut into squares. Any idea why? I double checked the measurements and everything was right. Anything I can do to salvage them, or am I just going to have to eat them out of the pan with a spoon? 🙂

    1. Did you try popping them in the fridge to firm them up a bit? Not sure what could have gone wrong – I’ve made these dozens of times with great results.

    2. If you don’t want to eat them with a spoon, send them my way – I’ve got LOT’S of spoons and would be happy to sacrifice a spoon and my time on your behalf! haha! 🙂

  116. Can I use margarine instead of butter? Or is this one of those recipes that you can only use butter?

  117. I have been making these for over 35 years – sometimes they come out just perfect and sometimes the chocolate separates; sometimes they cut without crumbling – sometimes they crumble – but they always taste delicious!! I have started cutting them into 4 sections and then lifting one at a time onto cutting board and using a large knife to cut into squares – they seem to look best when I do it this way

  118. I’m going to make these later today, they look so yummy! But, I was just wondering, can I use milk chocolate chips instead of the semi-sweet ones? Thnx 😉

  119. I’m making these later today, they look sooo yummy!!!! But, I was wondering can I use milk choclate chips instead of semi sweet ones??

  120. Made these for a co-workers birthday…they were a HUGE hit! My husband was sad that I didn’t leave any for him…SURPRISE there are 2 in the fridge when he gets home from work. Will definately be making these again. Thanks for the new addition to my “go to” recipes:)

  121. I didn’t have Graham crackers or crumbs so I substituted peanut butter puffs cereal( placed in food processor to”crumb”)instead. They turned out great…but you need milk to cut the sweetness!

  122. So I’m making these for people the following day, is it best to store in fridge over night to keep their form? Wasn’t sure if it was that or wrapped on counter…I just don’t wanna ruin these wonderful things 🙂

  123. Thank you so much for posting this recipe! I made these last night and they are amazing!! They were super easy to make and I loved that they didn’t have any weird ingredients! I’m 17 so I feel accomplished that I did these by myself and they actually turned out just like the picture!! Again, THANK YOU!! 🙂

  124. This was awesome! I melted the chocolate and peanut butter in the same bowl that I melted the butter. I lined the pan with wax paper, and then I cut it into squares after about 30 minutes in the fridge. The chocolate was perfect! It wasn’t hard enough to crack, but it wasn’t so soft that it mixed in with the chocolate. Chocolate + peanut butter = perfection. These remind me of the peanut butter bars that I used to buy in the cafeteria in middle school ❤

  125. I attempted to make these, Totally skipped the whole powdered sugar part & used regular sugar with flour, they look good but scared to eat them…lol

    1. I’ve never used coconut oil – so I’m not really the best person to ask. If you’ve subbed it for butter in other things with success, I’d say give it a whirl.

      1. I just tried coconut oil and the mixture is pretty runny. I would use much less oil next time. As it is, I added about 1 cup more crumbs and a little more PB and I’m freezing the mixture before adding the chocolate. Hopefully it turns out okay!

  126. I have been making a recipe just like this for years and people go crazy for them! Have you tried using milk chocolate chips instead of semisweet? The milk chocolate makes them taste even more Reese-like!

  127. I have tried a few different Reese peanut butter bar recipes, but this is by far my favorite, I have made them numerous times, ad they are perfect for when company is coming over 🙂

  128. OMG, I’m in love…What do you think would happen if I mixed the PB and Sugar and Butter ( I love Butter) in the Food Processor? I’m picturing a very smooth texture, but not sure if it would be firm enough? Either way, I’m making these this weekend and eating them all!

  129. Thank you for this recipe. I have searched for years for these bars. In elementary school this was a favorite dessert of I could safely say the whole school. Mini riots were stared when the lunch room ran out. Now I can make these delicious peanut butter choc bars for my family.

  130. I made this last night, but I made substitutions. Instead of graham crackers, I put two cups of oatmeal into my food processor and ground it fine. I used no butter at all, and I used a scant 1c of powdered sugar. There is a slight chew due to the oatmeal, but beyond that they are fabulous. The bars are firm at room temperature, and the oatmeal absorbed the oil from the peanut butter.

  131. This recipe has been a hit everywhere I take them! Last night I even tried it with gluten free graham cracker crumbs (found them at Giant) and they were just as yummy!! My friend was super excited that you can easily change it to GF and it was still great!!

  132. These are AMAZING!!!!! I’ve made these twice now and every time I feel guilty since I’m trying to lose wait….they are just a slice of Heaven!!!!! The kids think they are better than Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups! This is definitely a love/hate relationship!!

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  134. I’m wondering if you recommend unsalted butter or regular salted butter. The recipe doesn’t specify which type so I’m thinking salted as a default, correct? Can’t wait to make these for friends this weekend!

  135. I have just made these ( got your recipe from pintrest) … them,I used digestive biscuits instead of graham crackers as I could not find these as I live in the UK xxx

  136. Looks great! Also looks like I added too much butter…recipe calls for 1 cup melted butter…my sloppy peanut butter mash has a half cup too much liquid possibly….
    Maybe suppose to be 1 cube???

  137. AMAZING! Better than any Peanut Butter & Chocolate treat I have ever had. I actually made this more for my husband than myself b/c he’s more of a pb fan than I am, but we now are both fighting over who gets to eat more! Lol…you have to make it, if you haven’t! It’s so awesome!

  138. I’m not sure what went wrong but I think the butter is to much mine never got to the point I could press them into the pan , not sure what I did wrong .

  139. Used this recipe to make peanut butter balls. I added about half a cup of extra crumbs and let the mixture cool a bit before rolling the balls. Thanks for the recipe!!

  140. I am a peanut butter and chocolate fanatic. These were amazing! I only made 1/4 of the recipe since I knew I would eat most of it in a couple days… and I was right. When I make again, I will have to give away some as gifts! thank you!

  141. Just made these last night by the recipe for the most part. They came out AMAZING. I used Reeses peanut butter and milk chocolate chips. Om nom nom! I did read some comments about the chocolate and issues with cutting the bars. I put the peanut butter mixture in the pan-let it cool for 10 minutes in the fridge, poured the chocolate on, and let it cool in the fridge for 15-20 minutes. Before the chocolate cooled completely, I cut into bars and put back in the fridge. They came up fairly easy (I did spray the pan) and everything adheres wonderfully and was really yummy.

  142. The pictures show a square pan (and thicker amounts of peanut butter) but the directions say 9×13 and come to different proportions.

    1. I made a half batch and put it in a square pan when doing the photos. But I’ve also made a full pan as directed and they turn out beautifully.

  143. If I had a package of chocolate chips, I’d make this right now! Thanks for sharing. Printed it out and will pick up the chocolate chips SOON!

  144. Hi. I have a question. The recipe calls for 1 cup pb. It calls for 1cpb in the bottom layer, so, how much pb do you put with the chocolate on top??

    1. The recipe actually calls for 1 cup + 4 Tablespoons. The 4 Tablespoons is what you put in with the chocolate.

  145. I made these last night for a friend’s birthday and I was the hit of the office today. I made them exactly as written and they turned out perfectly. I was really excited for a chance to try out my new double boiler. My friend is wondering why I am still single. I guess I haven’t met someone worthy of my cooking yet. 🙂

    1. LOL! Glad they turned out perfectly for you. I’m sure you’ll find someone worthy if you keep making things like these! 🙂

  146. Is there anything that you can think of that I could substitute for the butter? Was hoping to make a vegan version if possible.

    1. Earth balance butter could be substituted. Not sure how it would affect the stability of the finished product, but I’ve always had good success using Earth Balance products in place of their animal product counterparts.

  147. I’m about to make these, but with Townhouse crackers (like Ritz, but oval in shape, the Ritz weren’t on sale ;). Anyways, my pb is really mild and sweet (it’s natural), so that’s why I am going with salty crackers. Nope, don’t think anyone could hate you for sharing this recipe! 😀 I shouldn’t share that I am making these at breakfast time…and we haven’t had breakfast yet, but that’s how I roll!
    Thanks again!

    1. Well, surprisingly, mine still turned out a little too sweet. I guess I should do like 1/3 less of each of the stevia and protein powder or at least less of one. Very fun to make though, and still tasty!

      1. Ope, I forgot to mention that I made mine in greased mini muffin tins for easy portioning and removal (they were so cute :).

  148. I made these for a potluck at work. Everyone loved them!! They tasted just like a Reese’s cup 🙂 however, it takes longer than 5 minutes to make them… But they’re worth the wait!!

  149. Please let me know if you’re looking for a article writer for your blog.
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  150. I have tryed a lot of sites for this receipe..My family loves this but would like a softer chocolate on top..Any suggestions on this?? Thank you..

    1. Try making a firm ganache instead, adding the chocolate to warm cream. Look up recipes on-line. You want a firm one, not runny like you pour over a cake.

  151. I’m from Germany, I would Love to make these but we don’t have cracker crumbs. Do you know anything I can use instead?

  152. I’ve made this a bunch of times. I love it. I have found I enjoy it best with milk chocolate chips for the top layer. I’ve also found that they are just as good with ground oats instead of graham crumbs, 1/2 as much sugar, 3/4 as much butter but use coconut oil, and a bit more peanut butter in the bottom.

  153. Mine turned out runny too so I added more powdered sugar, which helped a little. I would use at least two less tablespoons of butter next time and let it cool. I think the butter was too hot when added. Also they were very very thin. Maybe my cake pan is slightly bigger than 13×9, but I don’t think so. Still tasty, but not as pretty to take to someone’s house for dessert.

  154. For those of you having a hard time removing it from the pan! Pam spray the pan before you start adding the peanut butter mixture. I like to line the bottom of the pan with parchment paper then spray with Pam. It. Will be easy to flip onto a board then reflop in upright position!

  155. Oh. My. I’ve made these three times in two weeks. I have Celiac Disease…must be Gluten Free. So I double the recipe, use two bowls. I substitute gluten free animal crackers for the graham crackers in my bowl. Absolutely perfect. Yes. I am erecting a monument. 🥜🍫🏆

    1. Perfect substitution! I’m so happy you’ve found something you love that fits with your Celiac Disease. I’ll be happy to travel for the ribbon cutting ceremony for my monument. 🙂

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