Amazing Gluten Free, Dairy Free Peanut Butter Cookies

I do not know how my sweet sister Jessica manages to love life with all her food restrictions. She has type 1 diabetes, which makes sugar something she has to watch carefully. She also has Celiac Disease, which rules out pretty much all breads, grains & baked goods. Recently she discovered that she’s allergic to dairy – her one luxury left. No more cheese, butter, yogurt etc. Ugh. Poor poor Jessie. She handles it all like a total trooper though – she’s really just an amazing person. If I had to deal with all the food issues she does, I would probably crawl into a closet and just sob quietly to myself for hours on end. Especially the cheese. Take all the other stuff away, but don’t take cheese. Or butter. Yeah, I don’t want to live without butter either.

Many gluten-free cookie recipes have strange combos of rice flour & xanthan gum in place of all-purpose flour. Those flours run around $8 for a 2 pound bag, which is just crazy prohibitive to me. This is the first recipe I’ve seen that doesn’t have crazy flours or butter/milk – which makes them both Jessica friendly and easy on my wallet! Oh joy! [Read more…]

Perfect Pancakes

My kids absolutely LOVE pancakes. Especially my son. “With SYRUP!” is his typical exclamation when I tell him I’m making pancakes for breakfast. It’s adorable. This is my go to recipe for a perfect short stack. I’ve modified the daylights out of the original recipe as I’ve made these at least 50 times. I first started making these when my daughter had a pretty severe dairy allergy, it’s easily adjusted to accommodate any food issues. I’ve made it with combinations of rice milk, shortening, butter, soy-butter, non-soy-non-dairy “butter” & applesauce. They’re all still delicious. Of course now that Madison doesn’t have any dairy issues (Thank you LORD!), I make it as listed below. This recipe makes a small batch, the perfect amount for my kids…about 3 pancakes each. When I’m really feeling like supermom, I add blueberries or chocolate chips to these. Yum! [Read more…]

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