Lizzy’s Cowboy Salsa

Is there someone in your life who seems perpetually stuck at a certain age? Until recently, I’ve always thought of my baby sister as the age she was when I left home. In my mind she just kind of stopped growing up. Probably because I didn’t see her every day, I got involved in my own life etcetera. Lately however, I’ve realized what an incredibly grown up, level-headed and mature woman she is. She impresses me beyond words. I’m blown away by her strength and integrity. She’s just awesome. A small part of her overall accomplishments in life is the fact that she’s become a wonderful cook. She makes delicious things and hosts great parties. One of the items I always look forward eating at her soirées is this cowboy salsa. I recently requested the recipe from her so I could indulge in it at home as well. It’s packed with delicious veggies, a little kick and tremendously addictive flavor. Oh, and it’s served with Fritos  – who doesn’t love those? [Read more…]

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