Homemade Cheese-Its

I couldn’t sleep last night so I found myself pursuing baking blogs at two o’clock in the morning. I know, I have a sickness. I can’t help it. When I found Smitten Kitchen, I was hooked instantly. As I was browsing her recipes, I found this one for homemade goldfish crackers. She’s much healthier than I am, and uses part wheat flour in hers – but I figure anything homemade is WAY better than my kids are going to get eating that GIANT box from Costco, even if I do use white flour and throw in a bit more salt. The dough for these comes together in about a minute flat, and with only 5 ingredients, I’ll bet you have everything you need to make them already. I used a little moon cookie cutter and also cut some into squares as I don’t have the budget to purchase a little fishy shape…oh how I wish I did. The moons are pretty stinkin cute anyway. I haven’t been able to stop eating these since they came out of the oven.
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