Fried Mozzarella Bites

I had a few won-ton wrappers hanging around after making my totally amaz-balls Sriracha and Cream Cheese Wonton Bombs. Not enough of them to make another batch (drat!), but plenty to not want to waste them. While wondering what to do with them, a truly genius thought entered my noggin. Fill them with cheese. Everything filled with cheese has the potential to be glorious, and never more so that when that thing is fried.

Fried Mozzarella Bites - Bakerlady

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Fried Mozzarella Balls

I have tried the fried cheese at just about every restaurant in the Seattle area. I love it. In sticks, wedges or balls. With marinara, sprinkled with parmesan, panko, breadcrumbs or beer battered. I would eat it in a box. I would eat it with a fox. I would eat it here or there. I would eat it anywhere.  Hmmmm. Might be reading too much Seuss to my kiddos. Seriously though. Melty cheese in a crunchy shell is absolutely glorious. There’s a fancy pants fried bocconcini (mozzarella balls) recipe floating around on Pinterest, but I figured there had to be an easier way than draining the cheese, patting it dry etc. And I found it in my fridge. String cheese. Genius! Still melty and delicious, without needing a special trip to the store for a $20 bucket of bocconcini.

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