Baked Chicken Nuggets

My kids love “Old MacDonalds” chicken nuggets. Truth be told, so do I. It was generally cheeseburger Happy Meals for me as a kid because 5 kids times the extra money to splurge for the nugget meal for each of us made McDonald’s not such a great deal for my parents. I never lost that childhood desire for the nuggets. Somehow they just seemed so much more grown up. So much cooler. Guess that marketing money McDonald’s forks out really pays off huh? For many reasons, a trip to the golden arches is not in the family plans right now – but I hate to deprive my sweet children their most favorite lunch. These nuggets totally made me a superstar to my kids for the day…or at least for a few minutes. They were practically dancing at the table in their excitement as I took the tray of lightly browned nuggets out of the oven. Served up with some apple slices and a few of the last homemade Cheese Its, we had a perfectly wonderful departure from our typical peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. No begging or pleading to finish lunch required! [Read more…]

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