Technical Difficulties

So, I’m having a bit of a problem with my computer. Well, actually, with my computer screen. It’s dead. It has given up and gone on to a better place. Which means I’m left with my tiny netbook. Which is great to have, but not so fantastic for editing photos.

We’ll be getting a new screen on Sunday and I’ll post the several recipe blogs I have backed up right now. Until then, you’ll have to make due with just my devotionals – since I don’t have to take photos to go with those.

I’m starting my Christmas baking today – which will include about 20 varieties of deliciousness. Many of these recipes are the cookies of my childhood. Items my mom would make every year and pass out on plates to our neighbors. It is one of my fondest Christmas traditions. One that I continue in my own neighborhood now. Can’t wait to share these goodies with you.

Please don’t burn the house down!

This morning as I sat at my computer desk running through my normal routine (e-mail, facebook, wordpress) a strange wisp of white floated past my vision. “Weird” I thought. I figured my eyes were playing tricks on me – that I hadn’t been awake long enough and I was seeing things. But then it happened again, this time accompanied by a scent that took me a second to place – the sulfurous smell of something burning. “Crap!” I shouted, pushing my chair away from the desk and rapidly pulling my monitor away from the back of my hutch. No smoke to be seen, but a pungent smell of it. I quickly decided to turn all my electronics in the area off – and flipped the master switch on my power cord.

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