Orange Creamsicle Cookies

What’s orange and white and delicious all over? Ok. Besides candy corn. Creamsicles!! Fresh orange sherbet with creamy vanilla ice cream. Cold and melty and just perfect. For summer. So why am I making a creamsicle cookie in the midst of a snow threat? Well, it’s simple really. During the winter I keep my house at around 65 degrees (if you are cold, put a sweater on!), which means as much as I love it, I don’t eat much ice cream. Brrrrr! Sure, I could turn the heat up like a normal person, and indulge in a frosty treat instead of frosty breath, but I think I’m hard-wired to be a crazy-control-freak about the thermostat. It just kills me to turn it up even a couple of degrees. We wear a lot of socks and slippers around here.  Not to fear! These soft puffy cookies with my favorite summery flavors packed inside warmed me right up. They were like warm sunshine and the sound of children splashing in a pool.

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