This Funnel Cake Will Be The Highlight of Your Week

“We’ll go to the food court and get one of those funnel cakes you love.”. So says the wife trying to mollify her husband after refusing to purchase him a two thousand and four hundred-dollar designer suit. Pouting ensues, before, finally accepting his fate, the hubby replies “We’ll get a funnel cake – it’ll be the highlight of my week.”.

Funnel Cakes - Bakerlady

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What happens when a girl who loves Disneyland has leftover cinnamon sugar? She makes churros. I have been longing for Disneyland churros for about two weeks now. They are my absolute favorite thing to eat there. Well, the Pomme Frites from Cafe Orleans are also amazing. And I do love a frosty Dole Whip. But I could eat 6 or 7 churros a day when at The Happiest Place On Earth. No. I am not kidding. I love them. From the bottom of my heart. I made these to use up the extra cinnamon sugar I had left over from my doughnut making (that post coming soon). And, to take the edge off my Disney craving. They may have made it worse – hard to tell. These pillowy cinnamon sugar delights are sure to be a hit and are easier than I expected to make.
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Pizza! Pizza!

As part of my (and my hubby’s) new budget, we’ve cut eating out from our life for a couple of months in order to try to pay down a big chunk of our car loan. As a result, I don’t get to go have my favorite pizza at The Rock, and I’ve been craving it for about a week. Today I decided to do something about it and made my own version from scratch. I started with homemade crust, then I made a quick alfredo sauce and loaded up the toppings. I finished the whole pie off with a drizzle of the alfredo and some fresh mozzarella cheese. The great part is that from this one batch of dough, I got two good-sized pizzas. I let my kids top theirs however they wanted…which ended up being sauce, pineapple and mushrooms (no cheese…they are bizarre children). And then made a fantastically grown up pizza for me and my honey. Way better than wrangling my kids while waiting for a table and paying over $60 for a meal out as a family. [Read more…]

Sicky Sickerson

Well, it’s official. I think I’m finally getting over the cold/cough that has kept me bedridden the majority of the past week. I don’t even know what day it is today…and haven’t left the warm snuggly of my bed for more than an hour or so in about 5 days. My poor kids have been baby-sat by the DVD player that whole time and goodness only knows what they’ve been eating. I’m just thankful my hubby can manage to keep them alive when I get sick like that.

So, it’s time to dig out. I have about 12 loads of laundry to catch up on, dishes piled everywhere, devotionals to read and football snacks to prepare. I’m starting this morning by using the bread machine my aunt just gave me. I used to own a bread machine, but never used it. I didn’t like the brick like blocks of bread so it just sat in my cupboard. Finally it became garage sale fodder. Recently however, I’ve decided that bread making would be a whole lot easier if I could just get past the dough stage. So when my sweet aunt offered me her virtually new machine, I took it gladly. I have cinnamon roll dough going right now. It took about 2 minutes to put all the stuff in there. When the dough is ready all I’ll have to do is roll it out, fill it and roll it up. I’m pretty stoked about it. Also today I’m making biscuits and gravy for my sister’s Seahawks party tomorrow morning. Recipes to come soon on both these breakfast foods.

I missed you all. It’s nice to be back.

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