Molasses Cookie Cake Balls

Sometimes I set out to bake something and it just doesn’t turn out like I’m expecting. Today I made what were supposed to be frosted molasses cookie bars, but I didn’t check the size pan properly and baked them in something too small. So instead of being bars, nice and thin(ish) – it baked up like a cake. Which, would have been fine (tasted great!) except that I was planning to take the bars to a meeting tonight where I’m sure there won’t be plates and forks. I needed the treat to be portable and easily eaten. Hmmmmm. What to do, what to do. I certainly didn’t want to eat the whole thing myself, and didn’t want to make something else to take to my meeting either. (sigh) I was about to give all up for lost when I had a brilliant idea. Make cake balls out of them! Genius!
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