Everything But The Kitchen Sink Breakfast Bake

I love a good breakfast bake. It’s so adaptable. You can put just about everything in them. This is my base recipe for a perfectly filling and delicious morning meal. I’ve made it so many times I can practically do it in my sleep. Which is good, since I’m always throwing it together first thing in the morning. Yawn.

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Split Pea Soup

My mom has made split pea soup as long as I can remember. The giant pot simmering away on the stove would waft deliciousness all day. Is there a better smell than ham cooking?

When I got a hankering for her amazing soup and called for her recipe, I got the bad news. There is no recipe. She just throws stuff in the pot. Darn! I hate when that happens. She did give me the general idea and I did the best I could to recreate some version of her soup. Here’s what I came up with. It was delicious. I actually started this in the crock pot today and then changed my mind and simmered it on the stove the way mom always did. I’m sure you could just as easily throw it all in a crock pot and walk away for 8 hours.
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