Bread Pudding with Bailey’s Custard

Warning! This is quite possibly the best, most decadent, delicious and amazing food item I’ve ever created. It is over-the-top rich. I have convinced myself that if I only eat it once a year or so, I don’t have to feel guilty about it. Sort of. I’m already dreaming of when I can make this again. It was heavenly. Here’s the thing about bread pudding. It’s bread. Lots of bread. Soaking with cream and sugar. And butter. Then served with a cream sauce. And, in this case – that cream sauce is drunken with Bailey’s Irish Cream Liqour. Absolutely NOT a diet food. But worth every single incredible calorie. As fancy as bread pudding seems, it’s really easy to throw together. Takes some time, but most of that it’s just sitting there drinking up the delicious creamy goodness or baking in the oven. The time you actually have to spend on creating it is minimal. [Read more…]

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