Ridiculously Easy Homemade Doughnuts

Or, donuts…if you prefer it that way. Whichever way you like, these are amazingly good. They quite possibly belong atop my ease/deliciousness chart. Whenever I make something, I mentally rate it on a scale of how simple or difficult the recipe is versus how delicious the food turns out. No, I’m not OCD enough to have an actual spreadsheet or anything like that. It’s just a running filing system in my brain. If something is incredibly good, but takes a whole lot of effort it becomes a special occasion kind of treat or meal. Something can taste amazing, but if it requires three hours in the kitchen, I won’t make it often…no matter how delectable it is. Then there are the magical things that are impossibly easy and mind blowingly delicious. Like these light and sweet, melt in your mouth doughnuts. I could make these every single day. And never grow tired of them. Except, then I’d gain about 200 pounds. It would almost be worth it to get to eat these on a daily basis. Move aside Krispy Kreme. See ya’ Dunkin…I’m making my own doughnuts from now on. [Read more…]

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