Strawberry Lemon Drop

In one of my more boneheaded moves EVER, I gave up alcohol for Lent this year. I’m not Catholic, but I like the tradition of sacrificing something I enjoy for 40 days in an effort to refocus my attention on the things that really matter. I didn’t think thru that I’d be giving up a beer on St. Patrick’s Day, girls night out cocktails and martinis with my hubby after a particularly trying day. I guess that means it was a successful experience since I really felt the pain of the loss. Actually, this blog is the product of Lent. A couple years ago I decided to give up Facebook for Lent. After about 3 days, I was so deprived for online community that I started Bakerlady. I kind of missed the spirit of sacrifice that year. I stuck to the “wagon” much better with alcohol. Today was the end of my deprivation and I celebrated by making one of my all time favorite drinks. Of course I have to share my joy (hic-up!) with all of you! [Read more…]

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