Lofthouse Style Sugar Cookies

You’ve heard me say frequently that I don’t have a crazy passion for peanut butter and chocolate. Bizarre, I know. I feel this is a total deficiency of character. I would blame my maker, but I’m pretty sure He knew what was best for me in not giving me that particular food obsession. What God did not keep me protected from is an overwhelming love of Lofthouse sugar cookies. Oh how I adore them. Soft and thick, perfectly tender and don’t even get me started on the frosting. Given that I know my inability to refuse these cookies, I must have experienced a complete mental lapse when I decided to make them at home. I’m pretty sure I assumed the recipe wouldn’t come close to exactly imitating my favorite treat. I was wrong. These cookies are beyond perfect. I’m a big fan of the original pink frosted ones. I don’t go for all the colors for each holiday/season – but if you are a custom dessert kind of person, these are great. Dye the frosting whatever color suits your fancy. They’ll still taste amazing.

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