Pumpkin Spice Muffin Tops

These are one of my favorite “cookies” to make. First of all, they are warm tasting and soft. The spices make you feel all homey and there’s no hard crunch to contend with to break that mood. Secondly, they are practically guilt free since they’re made with applesauce and pumpkin. Really, they’re like eating a piece of fruit. Ok, not quite. Since all of the ingredients are soft, you can stir them up with just a solid wooden spoon, no need to dirty an electric mixer. Fourthly (is that a word?) they are muffin tops, without the fancy muffin top pan. How awesome is that? And finally, they are just amazingly delicious. Like portable pumpkin bread. Mmmmmm.  I love love love them. [Read more…]

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