Stove Top Potpourri With FREE Printable Gift Tags

Do not eat this recipe. It is not food. Well, it is food…I mean obviously those are oranges and cranberries. But it’s not food you should consume. This is the most amazing, make your house smell incredible, holiday cheer inducing, dance around the living room smelling the air — stove top potpourri. Did you know you can fill your home with the smell of a your grandmother’s baking without creating a flour disaster in your kitchen? It’s true.

Stovetop Potpourri with FREE printable gift tag!

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Glazed Cinnamon Raisin Scones

We got new neighbors last weekend (total bummer to be moving New Year weekend) – and I’ve been waiting until the dust settles next door to bring over some baked goodies and say “hello!”. My super awesome talented cousin posted this recipe on her blog today and I decided it was perfect for saying “Welcome to the neighborhood”.

I prepped these scones in my food processor. I love that you pulse, pulse, pulse the dry ingredients, add the shortening, pulse some more, add the milk and raisins, pulse some more and you’re basically done. (does pulse not look like a word anymore to you too?) And only one thing to clean! As always with scones, don’t over mix your dough. I just knead it two or three times to make sure it’s all combined and then pat out the dough lightly with my palm. [Read more…]

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