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Almond Roca – English Toffee

Just a few days before Christmas and I finally got the break in the weather I've been daily checking for the entire month of December. Oh joy!! It's a Festivus miracle!! Weather is always my biggest obstacle when trying to make almond roca (English Toffee). I remember as a kid, my mom would check outside… Continue reading Almond Roca – English Toffee

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Russian Tea Cakes

These cookies have many names. People call them Mexican Wedding Cakes, Italian Butter Nut, Southern Pecan Butterballs, Snowdrops, Viennese Sugar Balls and Snowballs. They are pretty much the same thing. Nuts and butter...with a little sugar and flour to hold them together. You can make these delights with any nut you like, I prefer the… Continue reading Russian Tea Cakes

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Eggnog Vanilla Candied Nuts

It's an awesome day today! MOPS this morning was fantastic, making up Dutch Apple Pies with my girls. Tonight I'm going to see Harry Potter at midnight. Well, actually - I'm getting in line at 7pm. Obviously I will need some snacks while waiting. I was in the mood to try something new that I… Continue reading Eggnog Vanilla Candied Nuts