Ice Cream Flowerpots

The crème de la crème of my daughter’s American Girl Tea Party Birthday were these Ice Cream Flowerpots. They were all she talked about after visiting the American Girl Bistro for a friend’s birthday a year ago, so I knew they absolutely had to make it to the tea-table when we had our own American Girl party. They took a little time, but the delight on the girl’s faces when I brought them to the table made the energy put forth totally worth it!

American Girl Tea Party Molly’s Victory Garden Ice Cream Flowerpot

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Would you like some milk with your Oreos?

Last night, I ate almost half a package of double stuff Oreos. It’s true. There. I said it. And I feel better now. Sort of.

It never ceases to amaze me how much I turn to food when I’m feeling totally overwhelmed. I’m not sure why I find comfort in stuffing my face, but I do. It’s really a horrible vicious cycle. I get stressed and moody over the circumstances of my life, so I eat crap that’s only going to land directly on my thighs, which only makes me more grumpy, which in turn heightens my desire for sweet, salty or fatty foods. It’s just bad. It’s also a scientific fact that I’m not the only one: [Read more…]

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