Cheesy Vegetable Chowder

(happy sigh) This chowder is heavenly. Full of broccoli and cheese and deliciousness. I made it on a snow day recently and just in the nick of time. Right after I took it off the stove and headed out to shovel some snow (with my belly full and warm of this amazing soup), my sister and her 5 kiddos showed up at my door. Hungry. Cold. Without power for over 24 hours because of the storm and no phone line to call in advance. This chowder was on the table in a flash and gobbled down by all of them. The perfect thing to take the freezing edge off your day. Even if you haven’t trudged thru a foot of snow to get some! As a side note (total tangent!) – it is that same sister’s birthday today. Have a great day Jess!
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