Streusel Topped Coffee Cake Muffins

Is it wrong to use Paula Dean cupcake holders when making a Martha Stewart recipe? I hope not. Cause if these coffee cake muffins are wrong, I don’t want to be right. Coffee cake is superb in general, but individualized servings in a sweet cupcake wrapper is just downright evil. Resistance is futile when you don’t even need utensils to indulge in this moist cake smothered inside and out with delicious streusel. [Read more…]

BBQ Pulled Pork

Why is it when working out at the Y, the only good thing on TV is the Food Network? It kills me to watch fabulous dishes being made while I’m dripping sweat and struggling to breathe. But, since I don’t have cable television in my house (mostly because if I did, all I’d do is sit and watch the Food Network), I’m thankful for the great ideas I get from watching Rachel, Ina, Paula, Bobby and Guy at the gym. This week it was Paula Dean. This is the first recipe I’ve ever tried of hers. They always look amazing, but I’ve never actually remembered to look up the recipe once I get home. I think I’m in an indoor BBQ kind of mood because apparently in Seattle we’re going to skip right over Spring this year and go directly from Winter to Summer sometime in July. Seriously…I think there was a frost this week and I broke out my flip flops yesterday because it was going to be a whopping 58°. [Read more…]

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