Gourmet Red “Smashed” Potatoes

When my sister Amy was little, she called mashed potatoes “smashed” potatoes. I think every kid does for a while. But, poor Amy had siblings and parents who thought it was so cute when she said it, that we told her it was correct. Adamantly we insisted that she was right and people who said otherwise were just trying to make her seem silly. I know, we’re messed up. Anyway…I served these tonight with my dad’s birthday dinner. They are absolutely phenomenal potatoes. They get bonus points because I didn’t have to spend hours peeling them. Woo-hoo! Once again at dinner we tried to convince Amy that they were “smashed” potatoes. But, since she’s in her twenties now, she wasn’t buying it. Darn. Kids grow up so fast these days. [Read more…]

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