Maple Grilled Salmon

Have you ever given up something you love because of someONE you love more? Some people quit smoking, drinking or gambling. Others become a slightly less obsessed sports fan because the knucklehead they are married to just doesn’t understand and can’t get on board. Not that I would know anything about that last one. My experience with sacrifice involves salmon. Delicious, flaky perfectly rich salmon. Oh how I love it. I could eat it just about every day and never grow tired of it. Honestly, it is my most favorite dinner.

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Baked Salmon Cakes with Dijon Dill Dipping Sauce

I’ve been in the mood for salmon recently. It is incredibly troubling to me that my daughter is allergic to my most favorite seafood. As much as I love salmon, I’m not over the moon about the idea of having to cook two separate meals so Madison has something to eat while I enjoy moist, flaky fish. So, I rarely eat it anymore. I have a bag of salmon burger patties in my freezer so that when we grill burgers I can just throw a special one on for myself – but somehow, I change my mind and want beef once I smell it barbecuing. Go figure. This recipe allowed me to use up some of those salmon patties (or you could use canned salmon) in a delightful salmon cake that I baked in the oven until it was crispy and golden. I served it up with a speedy Dijon Dill Dipping Sauce and, for the kids also made a batch of Zucchini “Crab” Cakes. Ok, yes…I ate one of those too. You could make smaller appetizer sized patties that would be a great starter. Or make 4 main course sized cakes like I did tonight. With some mashed potatoes and fresh veggies – they make a wonderful light meal. [Read more…]

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