Strawberry Shortcake

Today is the first day of Spring. Yippee! Spring means longer (hopefully warmer) days, long walks, blooming flowers, chirping birds and that Summer is just around the corner. Today was a picturesque Spring day in the Pacific Northwest. Gorgeous. Really, I don’t think people who live anywhere else (except maybe Wales) can appreciate a crisp sunny day like folks in my neck of the woods. Something about the constant gray/drizzle – when the sun comes out it changes the world. It’s awesome. The sunshine today made me long for my favorite summertime dessert. Strawberry shortcake. This time of year, strawberries aren’t exactly in season, so I had to make due with the ones I could find. Paired with this shortcake recipe, they were still delicious. Not as good as when I make this with June berries, but totally fixed my summer dessert bug until then. Well, after I have a second helping that is. [Read more…]

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