Netbook Equals More Blogging

Fantastic! Got a netbook from Santa today and I have high hopes that the new (adorable) pink computer will equate to many more blogs in the future. Part of my problem recently is that playing with my kiddos requires my presence in the playroom – which is a full floor away from the computer. Not very conducive to blogging. No, not at all.

I had a completely wonderful Christmas today. Enjoyed my three-year old’s excitement over her new bike, laughed at her equally thrilled expression upon opening her 4 inch tall Strawberry Shortcake doll, kept many cookies away from my little boy, indulged in a few (mmmmm Oreo Truffles) myself, watched my dad and husband play numerous games of pool, conversed with my mom in the kitchen like days of old, was showered with gifts too wonderful and plentiful while basking in the warmth of my family’s love and company. [Read more…]

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