One Man Disney Movie

I cannot remember the last time I watched something on YouTube that I loved this much. I grew up on Disney movies and this video made me want to have a movie marathon of all my favorites this weekend. If this is the absolute only think this guy can do, he’s still amazing. I love this.

Introducing the shock of your life

Thank you Kevin for posting a link to this on Facebook so I could be inspired.

Those of you who haven’t yet seen this video will (I’m sure) think I’m exaggerating when I say that I have never been more shocked at anything on YouTube.  Susan Boyle lives at home with her cat – never been kissed, almost 48 years old and unemployed. Her assertion that she wants to be a professional singer seems totally absurd and actually earns an eye roll from Simon. Like most people watching this video for the first time, I laughed at her intro, and kind of felt sorry for her and the fool she was about to make of herself. You can see the smug ridicule pouring from the judges faces as she stands alone on that stage, reflections of looks this woman has probably endured her entire life. Then she sings: [Read more…]

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