Chicken Corn Chowder

Oh the humanity!! Protect your children!! It’s (insert dramatic pause and deep announcers voice) Snowmageddon 2012!! It’s not often that Seattle gets snow. It’s even less frequent that we get pounded with a snowstorm that leaves anything but a trace of the white stuff. However, I currently have 8 inches blanketing my neighborhood with a foot or more of it forecast in the next 24-48 hours. Wow. I’m in heaven. Because unlike most of my Seattle counterparts who cower at the thought of a few flakes and hole up like  hibernating bears when it comes down, I love snow. Absolutely LOVE it. I’ve spent the last two days building snowmen, making snow angels, throwing snowballs and generally making like I’m 7 years old with my kids. It has been amazing. I’m looking forward to being buried in more of it tonight and tomorrow. Freezing temperatures and days spent playing like a child work up an appetite for a warm hearty meal. Insert this corn chowder. I got turned on to this recipe by a friend who said it was amazing (thank you Shannon!), and it was. You will love it. Especially if it’s a snow day in your neck-of-the-woods.
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Banana Snack Cake

With the greater Seattle area in the midst of the first massive snowstorm of the year (ie: we have a trace of snow on the ground), I settled into the kitchen to use up some black bananas. Yes, there’s always those couple in each bunch my kids don’t devour before they’re past the point of really being edible on their own. I just throw the black ones into the freezer one at a time until I have three or four saved up. Then I make some kind of bread, cake or muffins out of them. Just set on the counter to defrost and peel them out of their blackened shells. They are sweet, soft and perfect for baked goods.
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