Classic Tapioca

My dad’s absolute favorite dessert is tapioca. I remember once as a kid, my grandma made it for him and put it in a flower-pot. She covered the top with crushed Oreos and added gummy worms too. Why do I remember that so vividly? Probably because of my father’s delight when he realized there was creamy delicious pudding underneath the chocolate cookies. He was like a kid on Christmas morning. It was awesome. I remembered this morning that my husband loves tapioca too, and (gasp!) we’ve been married almost 10 years and I don’t think I’ve ever made it for him. So, I picked up a box of the pearly rice and made this recipe for him. This is not the same as is found on the side of the red box. Tapioca requires constant stirring – so for those of you with kiddos…wait until they are sleeping to attempt making this. Guaranteed if they are awake they’ll require your assistance or referee skills right when it starts boiling, or when you’re mixing the hot liquid with the eggs. That’s just how kids work. Come on, you know what I’m talkin’ about. [Read more…]

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