Slow-Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup

It’s been about 6 hours since I had this delicious soup for dinner. I haven’t stopped thinking about how awesome it was. Perfectly blended spices and rich chicken flavor combine in a soup that (in my humble opinion) could best any Mexican restaurant’s version of this south-of-the-border classic. As incredible as it tastes, you’d think it requires slaving away in the kitchen all day. But you’d be wrong. Your slow-cooker does all the work. Just throw it in and let the magic happen. The only effort required is the homemade tortilla strips . (sigh) Yes, you could certainly substitute regular corn chips I suppose – but with your soup practically making itself, come on…you can handle making the tortilla strips. Really. You can do it. They are the perfect crunchy topper to an absolutely fantastic meal. Happy Cinco de Mayo! I know, I’m a few days early…I like to stretch out celebrations as much as possible! [Read more…]

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