Not worth a “trophy”

Recently I heard about a “fabulous” local cupcake shop called Trophy Cupcakes. They have two locations and are opening a third. Within just a few days I heard from several friends that this was THE place to get an absolutely amazing cupcake.

So, I was thrilled when one of my girlfriends brought a variety of these little gems to our weekly Bible study as the munchie of the evening. But I was far from blown away when I actually tried one. It was good, but not over-the-top amazing as advertised. I tried a different flavor thinking maybe chocolate chocolate wasn’t the way to go, but the vanilla was just as uninspired.

Still, these mini-cakes had been so highly touted that I vowed to give them another chance. This weekend, I decided to make a batch myself – thanks to the following recipe I found online. [Read more…]

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