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Vanilla Bean Buttercream

I'm always looking for the perfect frosting recipe. I may have found it. I knew I needed to make this one when I read in a description that it tasted like melted vanilla bean ice cream. Oh baby. I tweaked it a little, using cream instead of milk (which I always do). Guess what. It… Continue reading Vanilla Bean Buttercream

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Vanilla Bean Cookies

My mom makes these buttery rich cookies every Christmas. For years I would watch her roll out the dough and cut it into angel and tree shapes. It is not an easy dough to work with because essentially, it is butter and ground almonds. It can get a little crumbly - especially the second and… Continue reading Vanilla Bean Cookies

Baking · Desserts

Vanilla Dipping Sauce

When I made my Applesauce Drop Doughnuts the other day, I felt it was missing something. I found this recipe from pastry chef Amy Foster of Tallula, and decided it would perfectly complement the fluffy doughnuts. I added vanilla bean innards to mine, which gives it the beautiful specks of black. I took the remaining… Continue reading Vanilla Dipping Sauce