The Best Cookie Ever

At least according to my husband. Of all the cookies, cupcakes, muffins, breads, truffles, cakes, snacks and candies I make, this is the only item my husband loves. Actually, he says it’s the only cookie that matters. Everything else absolutely pales in comparison. In order to make amazing peanut butter cookies, you must include super extra chunk peanut butter and actual peanuts in the recipe. Really there is no other way. Although I’m generally not a fan of peanut butter cookies (I need my peanut butter to have chocolate with it), I make these for my honey – and call them “Zacharies”. It’s the least I can do. He puts up with all my other baking like a trooper. And as much as I think I don’t like plain peanutty cookies – every time I make these, I manage to eat a couple. [Read more…]

“Zacharies” – Super Peanutty Peanut Butter Cookies

It is a well documented fact that my husband (Zachary) is not a fan of sweet things. Cookies, cakes, fudge, candy – none of it tempts him. It drives me crazy. However, even his lack of a sweet tooth cannot resist my peanut butter cookies. Probably because they are so nutty and awesome, rather than being just something sweet. There are a couple keys to a great peanut butter cookie. First of all, extra super chunk peanut butter is a must. Mine also have a full cup of chopped peanuts – imagine that, actual peanuts in a peanutty cookie. Secondly, make sure you take these cookies out when the edges are just starting to golden. They won’t look done, but trust me, if you want a soft cookie – take them out of the oven.


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