Cabbage Soup Diet – Day 4

Wow. I cannot believe how much weight you lose with this thing. I am not a big person with a whole lot of weight to lose – in fact, I’m pretty much at my body’s happy weight. But I have dropped 9 1/2 pounds in three days on this cabbage soup eating plan. Zero exercise. Just the food. It kind of made me look at The Biggest Loser contestants this week and say “Um…really? You lost 3 pounds in a week training with Bob and Jillian?”. Then I remembered. I will gain all this weight back. It’s just basically water flushing thru my system. It’s not real. It’s only temporary. It’s not sustainable. Ok. I feel better now. Everyone struggling at a gym. You go girl (or guy)! Keep working hard – that’s the real thing!

Day 4

Skimmed milk and bananas: You may have to endure eating a lot of bananas on this day. Consume up to eight bananas and take as much skimmed milk as you can, eating it together with your soup.

Good thing I like bananas. I have a friend who would totally not be able to endure this day. Probably not for a million dollars.

Breakfast: 4 bananas and 16 oz of skim milk

Lunch: Big bowl of soup. Added the fresh basil again – no zucchini today as I’m not supposed to eat any veggies other than what’s already in the soup. Man, that basil rocks my world. I might even have another bowl for a snack this afternoon. Also had 10 oz of milk and a banana.

Dinner tonight is going to be after my sister’s wedding rehearsal. Yup, the rehearsal dinner. It’s my first major problem with this diet. Considering all the weight I’ve already lost, and the fact that tomorrow I’m supposed to eat up to 20 ounces of steak or skinless chicken – I’m planning to “cheat” a little tonight and have either a filet mignon and some steamed veggies, or a chicken breast and veggies. Obviously I cannot whip out a banana and glass of skim milk with the whole family to toast my sister’s pending nuptials. In one of life’s totally ironic moments, the place we’re eating dinner is called The Cabbage Patch.


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