Final Cabbage Soup Diet Recap

My final thoughts on the cabbage soup diet are as follows. DO. NOT. TRY. IT.


I re-think that it is terrible and should not be followed ever. Yes, I lost a bunch of weight for a specific event. And, I lost that weight very quickly. However, I put it all back on within a week of going back to eating “real” food. In addition, I have never craved junk/sweets more than I did the week after the diet. All the weight I gained back went straight to my problem area (tummy), so although I’m back where I started, I actually feel heavier. Also, not working out for a week because of the diet is a great way to kill any motivation you have with exercise.

I don’t think it would work as a jumpstart to any diet/exercise plan because you will gain it all back as soon as you’re done. At least that was my experience. As great as it was to lose that weight, it was doubly more frustrating to pack it back on just as quickly. And my body has felt all out of whack ever since. Dropping 12 pounds in a week then regaining it in a week is not normal, and I think my body is very very confused. Despite the great results, I’ll never do it again – no matter what the event. The long-term effects are not worth the short-term gain.


2 thoughts on “Final Cabbage Soup Diet Recap

    1. Agreed. Very very bad. I will never do it again and will do everything in my power to keep my friends from doing it.

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