30 Day Shred – Day 5

Holy cow. I feel like I was just run over by a truck.

I stayed out until 2am hanging with my sisters last night. We had a dance party in the living room, played twister, had a puzzle face off (two teams of two working on identical puzzles to see who could finish first), ate a delicious dinner and a decadent dessert and just in general had a superb time together. I knew today’s workout was going to be rough because of last night. But geez. I had no idea it would be this bad. Let me show you what I mean. I decided a photo would speak better than any description of how much Jillian kicked my butt today.


Post Day 5 Workout

I took this picture 4 times – because I didn’t want my mouth gaping open like some kind of flounder. But I couldn’t keep it closed, not even to take a second long picture…because I was desperately sucking in oxygen. See how red my skin is? Yeah, and that dead look in my eyes? It’s because I feel like there isn’t enough energy left in my body even to blink. That glisten across my chest isn’t shimmer powder folks. It’s good old-fashioned sweat…and it was pouring off me.
I don’t think I should have any more party nights while on this shred. I’m not in my twenties anymore, and today’s workout proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt.




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