Harry Potter Hangover

Apparently I am not young anymore. What happened to the times of old when I could stay up all night and go to work the next day functioning pretty close to normal? Wherever they disappeared to, they are long gone. I guess I haven’t tested my ability to manage on just a few hours sleep in a while. Wow. Please forgive any writing errors you find – or if I repeat myself at all…I’m pretty zonked this morning.

Went to see the new Harry Potter movie last night with some of my best girls. Yes. That’s me in the “Muggle” shirt. What can I say? I’m a big dork.

We stood/sat in line for two hours, then hung around the theater (with some totally awesome new friends…um, strangers) for another couple. At one point we convinced the whole theater of people to pretend to be sleeping…and took a picture.

I also played Scattergories with the folks sitting behind us (killed it). We sang songs, generally made a mess of the theater and even had the police have to come in to tone down the excitement before the movie started. They filled the back half, then all the late arrivals had to sit up front. We greeted them all upon entering our theater with cheers and applause – which, apparently some of them didn’t appreciate and told security we were being too loud. Fun times. Twenty minutes of previews (I say “yes” to The Green Hornet and “really?” to The Green Lantern) it was finally time for what we all came there for.

The movie was excellent. Follows the book much better than any of the previous ones have, which I loved. The previous film (specifically the scene where the burrow burns) was beyond irritating to me. There’s enough material in the books to make a couple of movies out of each one – why just make crap up and add it in for kicks? Anyway, there didn’t seem to be much of that (if any) in the first installment of “The Deathly Hallows”. Sure there were one or two things that were modified slightly, but overall it was very well done. Some might say it was boring, because it is setting up the final movie and not a whole lot happens in this chapter, but I loved that there was no attempt to glam up what the book describes. I did miss Alan Rickman – since Severus Snape is hardly in this movie at all. But, I’ll get to see him some more in part two next July.

If you haven’t read the book series, you might have some trouble keeping up since there really was no attempt (that I could see) to pander to that portion of the audience. In previous movies, I’ve seen a blatant slant towards explaining things for folks who haven’t cracked open the books. Not so in this one. Again, since I love the books, I appreciate that The Deathly Hallows just got to the story. Two of my sisters came with me last night who haven’t read the books.  I was too tired when we left the theater to really get their take, but I did hear some clarifying questions over the course of the film. Which leads me to believe there were some things they missed or didn’t completely understand.

Anyway, it is mornings like this that make me wish I could somehow force myself to stomach the taste of coffee – cause I really need a pick-me-up. Not sure my typical morning cup of tea is really going to cut it. Thankfully, the kids currently are up watching Toy Story…and I can probably skate thru today using movies as my crutch. We don’t really have anything we need to do. Well, I gotta get my daughter to school and back, but since it’s only 3 minutes away, I think I’ll manage that just fine. Day 12 of my shred is a different matter entirely. I have no idea how I’ll do that. Might have to wait until tonight when the hubby is home…after I’ve taken a long nap when my kids go down today.


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