30 Day Shred – Day 12 Redo

I put it off almost all day. It was looming like a shadow as I decorated Christmas trees, danced to Jingle Bell Rock and generally had a holly, jolly time with my family. Finally, I could not avoid it any longer. The Shred.

I will not be taking another day off the remaining 18 days. After my “I’m-too-tired-to-face-Jillian” wuss out yesterday, today was like starting from scratch. I felt out of breath during the warm up. The WARM UP. I knew as soon as the first squat-rows started I was in big trouble. If it weren’t for knowing I’d have to admit it to all of you, I would have just turned off the DVD and gone back to my gorgeous burgundy and gold evergreen masterpiece in my living room. Seriously. You are all that kept me going.

I feel great now that I’ve completed it though. I feel back on track. Ready for the rest of the 30 days. I also feel totally and completely physically spent. Fantastic!


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