Mod Podge Coasters

I am not a crafty person. Seriously not creative with anything but food. However, I saw the idea for these coasters and thought that even I could manage to make them. They take a little time, but are not hard at all. The finished result is just adorable – and useful too! You can customize these as gifts for family and friends so easily, you might want to make a set for everyone you know!

1. Purchase some tiles. You can find these at your local home improvement store. I got some pretty stone ones – they were about twenty cents each. You can get uber cheap glossy white tiles for about twelve cents.


2. Select the photos you’d like to use. Or you can use patterned paper – just not something you’ve printed from an inkjet printer. Flip tile onto the photo and trace around it. Then cut it slightly on the inside of your traced line.

Cut out photos/paper

3. Apply a light coat of Mod Podge to each tile with a sponge brush, then center your photo on top. Use your fingers to press the paper nice and flat. Don’t lift it up once you get it on or it will rip and become a big ol’ mess. Let the tiles dry for 20 minutes.

4. With your sponge brush, apply another light coat of Mod Podge to each tile. Let the coat dry for twenty minutes. Repeat this process five or six times, allowing the Mod Podge to dry between each coat for 20 minutes.  The Mod Podge will look white when you brush it on – don’t worry, it will dry clear.

Mod Podge Coat

5. Allow the coasters to set for about 24 hours. When your tiles are dry, turn them over and stick little felt dots on the corners. You can get these at places like Home Depot or Lowe’s. They are with the bigger ones used for furniture corners.

Felt Corners

6. Finish off the coasters with a coat of Polyurethane Spray (follow the directions on the back of the can). You can use these right away, but wait about a month before placing anything really HOT on them. That’s how long it takes for the Mod Podge to fully cure.

Finished Product

There you go! My family LOVED their coaster sets!


3 thoughts on “Mod Podge Coasters

    1. They are great gifts! I’m going to make some more for my grandmothers…they were very jealous when my parents/siblings opened theirs. 🙂

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