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Game Night Treats

I’m so excited for the return of game night with my church small group. We have a great time together with food, laughter, games and just enjoying each others company. I went to some easy comfort food treats tonight. Nothing fancy or new, just good hang out snacks. Since I’ve posted them both before, I’m just including the links with photos in this post. I know, how lazy am I today? I will say however that you’ll never have better rice crispy treats than mine. Oooh good!

Rice Crispy Treats

Rice Crispy Treats

Mountain Bars (aka: No Bakes)


Mountain Bars




3 thoughts on “Game Night Treats

  1. Those both look INCREDIBLE! It has been the longest time since I have made Rice Crispy Treats. Have you ever made them with the Flinstones Fruity Pebbles? 🙂


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