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Coupon Haul

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about couponing. Tonight I feel even more accomplished than normal, because my husband and I have started Dave Ramsey’s program for budgeting/dealing with finances. So, suddenly I find myself being very very aware of what I spend. But, I love food. I don’t want to eat garbage just because it’s less expensive. And let’s face it. Good (“real”) food is spendy! Especially things like cheese & produce – which are two things I will not sacrifice for cost savings. I spent an hour or so clipping coupons and headed out to my local Albertson’s (where, they have the nicest employees on EARTH!). Here’s my haul:

Couponing Haul

6 boxes Kellogg’s cereal (my kids are big time cereal eaters – and don’t worry, I’m already stocked up on the “good” stuff…Cheerios & Quaker Oatmeal Cereal – they don’t just eat the fun stuff)
16 packages of tuna (love me some tuna sannys)
3 packages string cheese
3 packages Bertolli fresh pasta
2 pounds of green grapes
2 cans enchilada sauce
1 package Sweet Tart jelly beans (Easter is coming!)
Total out-of-pocket cost: $17.40

Here’s what I could have purchased at regular prices for $17.40. Three boxes of cereal and one can of enchilada sauce. Or just the cheese and one enchilada can. Or some of the tuna…not all of it, just 11 packages. Yeah. I love coupons.

Full Price Food




4 thoughts on “Coupon Haul

  1. What’s the Dave Ramsey program? I am trying to be better at grocery shopping, not buying anything thats not on sale and always coupon clipping, and only buying what I need (vs what I want but doesnt go with anything else I bought… oops) Can you elaborate on what your program includes? I’m always looking for other tips to try!

    1. Dave Ramsey created a program called Financial Peace University. It’s not a grocery shopping (coupon) program, it’s a managing money program. Basically it’s living on a budget, getting out of debt and saving for the future. “Spending” the money you make on paper before you ever spend a cent and only using cash/debit card. No credit. Ever.

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