Amazing Cherry Pit Removal

Summer will never be the same. Cherry pit removal with a straw. Easy peasy.
Take a straw. I used a hard plastic one from a reusable hot/cold coffee cup. Place it at the base of your cherry. Mmmmm. Succulent Rainier cherries.

Amazing Cherry Pit Removal - Bakerlady

Then push thru the top. Boom. Done. Mind blown.
Devour. Repeat. Or, do a bunch a time so you can shovel handfuls of delicious cherries into your mouth while laughing like a maniac. Not that I did that.

Amazing Cherry Pit Removal - Bakerlady



  1. Wow eating cherries will never be the same with easy way to De-pit cherries which I absolutely hated. Now I can buy more cherries at the market the just the handful that I usually do because I so hated getting the pit out. Thank you bakerlady your terrific!!

  2. dang, I wish I knew about this before I pitted a bunch of cherries for some jam. Next time…

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