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Moving Devotionals

Hi all! Just a little housekeeping notification. All my devotionals going back to 2009 have moved over to Dissonant Symphony. As in, they are no longer posted here at Bakerlady. My amazing husband tells me it’s no good to have duplicate content between sites. He’s generally extremely knowledgeable (anyone else think that’s a crazy weird looking word?) on such things, so I’m taking his word for it.

Before you head over to check them out, let’s get one thing straight. I do not have all the answers. I didn’t go to Bible School. I’m not a pastor, married to one or raised by one. My dad fixes cars. I’m not Beth Moore. I’m not a spiritual guru. Most of the time, I’m a hot mess. The thoughts I share in my devotionals are my own. Just me. Sitting with my coffee and highlighter, writing down whatever I feel God is showing me that particular day. I’m a major work in progress, and figure I always will be. Part of the beauty of sharing these thoughts and prayers from my own life, is often I find out I’m not the only one failing on a daily basis. And somehow, that makes me feel better about it.

Ok…now that you’ve read my disclaimer, you can go check them out. If you like what you see, feel free to subscribe and follow along. If not…I won’t even be mad.



I’m not just a Bakerlady, I’m a spunky Bakerlady. So watch out! I try and tame my spunk, but it just comes out sometimes. I can’t help it. If I had the red hair to go with my freckles and green eyes I think people would understand more. Brunette just doesn’t cut it for sympathy. I combat this overload of spunky awesomeness with two fronts. Alcohol and the Bible. Yes, I know. That seems an odd combination. But, it works for me. Here you’ll find some of my favorite drinks and the verses that challenge me.

Merry Christmas!

I would just like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a Merry Christmas. If you’ve read any of my devotional posts you know my beliefs, but I think Linus absolutely says it best. Well, Linus quoting Luke 2:8-14 anyway. Have a blessed day!

Sicky Sickerson

Well, it’s official. I think I’m finally getting over the cold/cough that has kept me bedridden the majority of the past week. I don’t even know what day it is today…and haven’t left the warm snuggly of my bed for more than an hour or so in about 5 days. My poor kids have been baby-sat by the DVD player that whole time and goodness only knows what they’ve been eating. I’m just thankful my hubby can manage to keep them alive when I get sick like that.

So, it’s time to dig out. I have about 12 loads of laundry to catch up on, dishes piled everywhere, devotionals to read and football snacks to prepare. I’m starting this morning by using the bread machine my aunt just gave me. I used to own a bread machine, but never used it. I didn’t like the brick like blocks of bread so it just sat in my cupboard. Finally it became garage sale fodder. Recently however, I’ve decided that bread making would be a whole lot easier if I could just get past the dough stage. So when my sweet aunt offered me her virtually new machine, I took it gladly. I have cinnamon roll dough going right now. It took about 2 minutes to put all the stuff in there. When the dough is ready all I’ll have to do is roll it out, fill it and roll it up. I’m pretty stoked about it. Also today I’m making biscuits and gravy for my sister’s Seahawks party tomorrow morning. Recipes to come soon on both these breakfast foods.

I missed you all. It’s nice to be back.

Technical Difficulties

So, I’m having a bit of a problem with my computer. Well, actually, with my computer screen. It’s dead. It has given up and gone on to a better place. Which means I’m left with my tiny netbook. Which is great to have, but not so fantastic for editing photos.

We’ll be getting a new screen on Sunday and I’ll post the several recipe blogs I have backed up right now. Until then, you’ll have to make due with just my devotionals – since I don’t have to take photos to go with those.

I’m starting my Christmas baking today – which will include about 20 varieties of deliciousness. Many of these recipes are the cookies of my childhood. Items my mom would make every year and pass out on plates to our neighbors. It is one of my fondest Christmas traditions. One that I continue in my own neighborhood now. Can’t wait to share these goodies with you.

One of the Many Benefits of Stow-and-Go

Attention those of you without kids, or who have issues with things that come out of children. You might want to skip this blog. Those who love a good poop story, read on. [Read more…]

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