One of the Many Benefits of Stow-and-Go

Attention those of you without kids, or who have issues with things that come out of children. You might want to skip this blog. Those who love a good poop story, read on.

As I finished up my cardio today I saw the sight all gym-goers dread the most. Well, besides  “Joe-workout” who’s going commando getting his pants caught in the treadmill belt.  The child watch lady was coming to collect me from the weight room. I figured it was because of a diaper on my son stinking up the place (as happened yesterday…stupid bran muffins). Nope, it was because my completely-potty-trained-no-accidents-for-over-a-month daughter had taken a dump in her pants. Crap. Literally.

As I followed Nicole (one of the wonderful women who take care of my kids) towards the door, she stopped and reminded me that they were re-carpeting the hallway and there was no access to the locker rooms or child watch area through that way. I already knew this because I went to the gym straight from MOPS today and had to flash my best smile to the carpet layers to be allowed to jump over their rolls and glue to the locker rooms to change into my workout gear. Now I was in a quandary. I figured the guys would let me around their mess again to grab my gym bag, but there was no way I was going to be able to navigate my daughter through their maze with a pant load of poo.

So, I tromped down the stairs, gracefully made my way across the floor littered with carpet scraps and exposed glue, grabbed my bag – tiptoed back through the mess, across the basketball court, interrupted a cycling class by cutting through it and walked down the pathway to pick up my daughter. Then I had to gather her, my overflowing bag, and my son, sign them out of the child watch and head for the car. The only bathrooms with a changing area are in the locker rooms, so there was nowhere in the Y for me to deal with the poopy girl.

Madison walked with me all the way down the path, up two flights of stairs, across the parking lot and to our van. The entire way she staggered as if she’d just returned from a very long rodeo. If I hadn’t been so irritated at her, it would have been absolutely hilarious. Thankfully, I have an awesome minivan with “Stow-and-Go” seats. Most of the time I just keep the back two folded flat into the floor so I have a nice big area back there for groceries, transporting baby stuff, or (today) changing little girl. So, we dealt with the poo in the parking lot – thankfully, it wasn’t a busy time at the Y and I keep a stock of Ziploc baggies in my van for just such stressful mommy situations. It’s been so long since Maddie had an accident that I no longer carry around an additional set of clothing for her though, so she had to put the slightly soiled poopy pants back on for the 2 minute ride home. Just as I climbed behind the wheel, I realized I’d left my boots (which I’d changed out of to workout) on the counter at child watch so I (gasp!) left the kids strapped into the car and ran (yes, ran) back across the parking lot, down the stairs, back to the pathway, into child watch, grabbed my boots and hurried back to the car. I figure I was gone about 40 seconds.

Once we arrived back at our place, I sent Madison in to wash out her undies and then washed her off and changed her into a new pair of pants. Then we had lunch and played for a few minutes before it was time for her nap. She asked to change into her nightgown, something she’s started doing recently at nap time. Actually, she wants to wear the stupid thing every waking moment we’re inside the house. Today, since I’d just changed her into clean clothing, I wasn’t about to let her put on a nightie I’d just have to change her right back out of after nap-time. We have a Bible study tonight, and it’s usually a mad dash type of hour between when the kids wake up and we leave. So, I told her “no”, that she was going to sleep in her clothes today. She seemed ok with that, but then about 30 seconds later she dashed to the bathroom shouting “I have to go potty”. Then I heard her say “Mommy, I had another accident.” I didn’t know how this was possible, but when I went to go look, there she was standing right next to the toilet having gone pee just enough to wet through her pants and leave a small dribble on the floor. She looked at me and said “Now I have to change out of these clothes because I had an accident.”

Now, I’m a very level-headed woman, not prone to big emotions or fits of anger (HA!HA!HA!). I can’t remember the last time I was so upset. I actually wordlessly walked away from the bathroom and let her stand there soaking while I cooled off for a minute or two. I took the time to remind myself that I love her and that I’d prayed this morning for a spirit of thankfulness regardless of the situation. After I felt that my head wasn’t going to explode anymore, I dealt with the “accident” – and still did not allow my daughter to wear her nightgown. Actually, I told her she didn’t get to wear any more clothes today since she’d already wrecked two pairs. Now that I’ve gotten some perspective (thanks Facebook) I feel like maybe if I’d taken my dear cousin’s advice and rubbed her nose in it the first time, the second one might not have happened. Maybe next time.


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