One of the Many Benefits of Stow-and-Go

Attention those of you without kids, or who have issues with things that come out of children. You might want to skip this blog. Those who love a good poop story, read on. As I finished up my cardio today I saw the sight all gym-goers dread the most. Well, besides  "Joe-workout" who's going commando… Continue reading One of the Many Benefits of Stow-and-Go


Running the Costco Marathon

I ran the Costco marathon today. I made excellent time. The track is three times from the far wall to the bathrooms at the front of the store. I can run it in about a minute and a half. Too bad it isn't a real event. I went to Costco to return a sweatshirt and… Continue reading Running the Costco Marathon

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“Mommy I have to go potty!”

Ah, potty training. Is there a more wonderful thing in all the world? I think not. My daughter Madison will be three in October. As of last week, she was still going in a diaper and I, her mother was changing her (sorry - little potty book humor for you moms out there). We tried… Continue reading “Mommy I have to go potty!”

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For Shame!

I realized today (thanks James) that I haven't blogged in - well, far too long. Shame, shame on me. I'm so sorry! I'm currently decompressing from an incredibly busy day and preparing for a new (equally hectic) day on the horizon. I started watching a friend's children today, and will have an infant, two 2… Continue reading For Shame!