Running the Costco Marathon

I ran the Costco marathon today. I made excellent time. The track is three times from the far wall to the bathrooms at the front of the store. I can run it in about a minute and a half. Too bad it isn’t a real event.

I went to Costco to return a sweatshirt and pick up some pretzels. I’ve eaten my way through two 6 pound bags since I got on the weight loss gig in January. I’m not really enjoying them anymore, I now hate the sight of a bag of pretzels the size of a 5 year old, but they are a great low-fat light calorie snack. I headed to my local store after my workout this morning, but before I left the Y, I had to see if Madison needed to use the bathroom. We’re in the middle of our second week of potty training – which means I’ve spent more time in rooms with a toilet than rooms without one recently. Balancing Donovan on my hip, I managed to get Madison’s dress up, panties down and lift her to the seat. I know, it’s hard imagine one person doing all that unassisted. I’m pretty amazing. She wiggled around, asked what the bar on the wall was for and ultimately did not do any “business”. [Read more…]

“Mommy I have to go potty!”

Ah, potty training. Is there a more wonderful thing in all the world? I think not.

My daughter Madison will be three in October. As of last week, she was still going in a diaper and I, her mother was changing her (sorry – little potty book humor for you moms out there). We tried going cold turkey to panties before, all it got me was a week of cleaning her messes off my floors, carpet and whatever toys she trailed across in her rush to tell me she was going potty. We tried bribing her. For a week she got a new play-doh item every time she went in the potty. For a week, she was perfect. Her motivation ran out as soon as the toys did.

Part of me wants to say she’s too smart for her own good. That she obviously knows it’s far easier to have Mommy (or Daddy) clean her up than to do it herself. So she’s intentionally deciding to continue with the diaper. But I know that’s just vanity – wanting to believe my child is brilliant rather than too lazy or stubborn to just go herself in the bathroom. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Madison  (I’m sure) is a genius who will one day wow the world in some amazing fashion, but that’s not WHY she isn’t potty trained yet. [Read more…]

For Shame!

I realized today (thanks James) that I haven’t blogged in – well, far too long. Shame, shame on me. I’m so sorry!

I’m currently decompressing from an incredibly busy day and preparing for a new (equally hectic) day on the horizon. I started watching a friend’s children today, and will have an infant, two 2 1/2 year olds and a five year old for the next several days. This on the week I’ve finally put my foot down with my daughter and am refusing her anything but panties to wear on her “I want to keep going in my pull-up because it’s way easier to have you keep changing me Mommy”-butt.

Today I put them to work digging up bricks and then lugging them to the front yard to make a path. No. I’m not kidding. They begged to help me. We also played hopscotch, went to church, read books, pushed Minnie Mouse around in a stroller, ran in circles (this occupied them for far longer than I expected it to), ate Mac-n’-Cheese (real stuff for all but my poor Madison who made due with vegan ‘cheese’), got incredibly dirty, destroyed the playroom and had an all around fantastic time.

I grew up in a family of 5 children, but myself have never wanted tons of kids. The two I’ve got now normally keep me incredibly-crazy-don’t-have-time-for-anything-else-busy and my theory is that God would have given me more than two hands if He wanted me caring for more than that number of children on a daily basis. Honestly, I have no clue how my mother raised (and home-schooled) five munchkins. My brain starts hurting just considering that many offspring.

I will concede however, that today was delightful in many ways that a normal two-kid day just isn’t. Little kids are amazing to listen to, especially when they’re discussing things (that really, only they understand) with each other. I love that today Madison had other little people to tell her funny stories to, laugh with, bathe her babies and”bake” cupcakes with. It really was awesome. I’m looking forward to the next few days – should be full of laughter and fun.

Don’t get too excited Shannon (or Mom) – I didn’t love today enough to want more of my own.

Just a little happy day

Spent some time outside enjoying a GORGEOUS Seattle day today. Ahhh. It was awesome. Burned my shoulders, grew lots of new freckles and discovered that Donovan is NOT a fan of the lawn mower. Took some photos of the little man, which he is a big fan of. The little girl has decided to become anti-camera. But, she is very pro-bubbles…and sidewalk chalk.  Just a little happy day.

Don’t cry over no parking

My YMCA is in the midst of a remodel. Two weeks ago, they blocked off a third of the parking stalls and set up a couple modular buildings to serve as the construction headquarters. I’m very excited for the project to be finished. Partly because of the fabulous new pool and weight room, but more because I want my freakin’ parking lot back.

Last week, I arrived at the Y around my normal time to find that every single parking spot was filled. Well, all except the one right next to the massive truck who’s owner parked directly on the line – ensuring nobody would be able to park beside him. There were several cars already parked along the road so I had little hope that a spot would come available shortly. Still, I circled the parking lot several times and only after deciding that (since a class had JUST started) the likelihood of someone pulling out was about nil, headed home. I’d only been out of the lot about 30 seconds when Madison (my 2 year old) started sobbing in the backseat. “I want to go to the GYM” she pleaded, big tears rolling down her cheeks. She would not be consoled. Apparently it doesn’t matter to her that I have to lug her brother-in-car-seat with one hand, while death gripping (to keep her from being run over) her little fingers, and attempting to keep my gym bag from falling into the street to and from wherever we park. And that parking on the road and trekking in and out was NOT something I wanted to do. Nope. She didn’t care. It became quite obvious that I was going to have to turn around and go back. So I did. We parked on the road. I trudged thru the rain into the Y and worked out. And Madison was happy. [Read more…]

Training Required

I had an interesting conversation with my brother this weekend. He’s been talking to some folks at work who have passionate opinions on who should be allowed to “breed”. Apparently, the criteria goes something like this. You should be able to provide your children with “every opportunity”. You need training to be sure you’re capable of raising kids. Must have financial stability. Must be able to prove you are mature enough. On and on and on.

I have known plenty of people who have a similar take on being “allowed” to procreate. The funny thing is, most people who hold these views don’t have kids of their own. As such, they’ve got zero clue what having kids really means. I actually used to think along these same lines when it came to having kids. My oh my, how having some of your own changes your perspective. [Read more…]

The shabby Y

I worked out with my sister Amy last night at the brand spankin’ new 24 Hour Fitness near her house. Oh my goodness. As I walked thru the doors, I felt like I’d died while working out and gone to gym heaven.

Every treadmill and elliptical machine had it’s own tv attached. You could plug your headphones in and watch any show of the few dozen (including cable channels) options. The machines also had attached cup holders and a little tray where you could stash a towel, magazine, training log, pen etc.

I did 60 minutes of cardio while watching “The Biggest Loser” on my little tv. I cannot express how motivating it is to listen to Jillian screaming “LAST CHANCE WORKOUT PEOPLE” while pushing myself to get my heart rate just a little higher. It was awesome. [Read more…]

Six inches

What a crazy day! As I left the gym this morning heading for the airport to pick my Disneyland going sister up, I got a voice-mail from my sick sick sick couldn’t get any sicker sister. Jessica has been battling Lord only knows what for several months now and because doctors are inept and can’t figure out what’s wrong with her, she’s been in massive pain and basically unable to function. She was calling to ask if I could come be with her today as her pain had reached a point that she needed to take a pill for it. She’s the toughest person I know…if she’s ready to take a pain pill, 99% of the population would be passed out from agony. But, she’s also a medication lightweight. Half a dose of her pain medication completely knocks her out – dead to the world – for at least 4 hours. Not so good with a three year old in the house. I made a couple quick calls to coordinate someone else to do the airport run, and headed out the 25 minutes north to Jessica’s house. [Read more…]

How to GPS a duck – and kiss a lamb

I tried geocaching today. Never heard of it? Neither had I.

My sister Lizzy and her boyfriend Fred were over today. While we were hanging out, Fred asked if I’d ever heard of geocaching.  Pronounced Geo (like the car) cashing (like I’m taking my check to the bank for cash). He explained that it was like a giant scavenger hunt – online. People hide things in off-the-beaten-path places, post the coordinates online and then you can look up something online, get the latitude/longitude and go find it. You can then either replace the item with a random item of your own. Sign a log indicating you located it or just have the personal satisfaction of the find. [Read more…]

15 Items or Less

I decided to hit the supermarket today on my way home from the gym. Normally I don’t have time to do so, but it was a short workout day – so I figured I’d be all good.

The first mistake I made was to allow my 2 year old to request (and receive) the cart with the car attached. Those of you with kids know exactly why this was a mistake. Those of you without kids have probably seen people with kids pushing around the car-carts and thought “What a great idea. The kid has fun driving the car, and isn’t running all over the store”. WRONG.  First of all – the car-cart is nearly impossible to maneuver thru the aisles, so you still go about as fast (slowly) as you would walking with a toddler. Secondly, the fun of the car-cart lasts about 10 minutes for my daughter and then she wants to get out. So then I’m pushing around an obnoxious cart that isn’t even serving the purpose of allowing me to not have to keep a two year old in eyesight.

[Read more…]

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