Peanut Butter Easter Eggs

Happy Easter! These little candies are perfect for giving to some-bunny you love. They also make egg-ceptional Easter basket items! Hop some over to your neighbors, they’ll love you forever! Oh, I crack myself up…ok, enough with the egg jokes. The peanut butter mixture is very crumbly, add the milk until you can pick up a handful, squeeze it and have it hold its shape.  I would suggest making them no larger than about an inch and a half long – they are VERY sweet! [Read more…]


It’s Peeps season! Spring is here, the sun is partially out, Easter is just around the corner & the cherry trees are blooming. Which, incidentally means my poor hubby’s allergies have kicked in. Poor guy. Every grocery store has boxes and boxes of Peeps lining their featured shelves. Yellow! Pink! Purple! Bunnies & chicks…there they are with their little mournful brown eyes. Begging, seeming to plead with me “eat me, eat me!”. I found out in a recent meeting that my pastor at church LOVES Peeps. Who knew!? Somehow I figured he was too intellectually and spiritually deep a person to enjoy what is essentially puffed up sugar. Topped with more sugar. But what am I saying? Peeps are one of my favorite treats on the planet, and I’m practically a genius and I totally dig Jesus. So maybe Peeps are just the sweet of choice for those who are truly mentally gifted. Or maybe Bible reading stimulates the sugar receptors in our brains? Yeah. That must be it. 🙂 [Read more…]

Oh Almond Joy!

Anything that’s recreating a candy bar at home I have to try. Finding this recipe was no exception. I found this recipe on a blog, who took the recipe from another blog. Both these blogger ladies seemed to have no trouble with it. But I did. Maybe it’s because I used sweetened coconut and the recipe called for unsweetened. I had a bag hanging around that I wanted to use. Plus, several of the comments on the other blog were about the difficulty finding unsweetened coconut. Apparently you have to go to a gourmet organic type store for it…which I’m not going to do.  So, I thought I’d just try the sweetened kind. After a couple of trial and error things, I think I figured out my issues and will be able to make them perfectly the next time. The candies are delicious – I just had a some things not go great with this first batch. I really dislike talking about baking that doesn’t go well, but I don’t want any of you to make these thinking I did it perfectly with no trouble, have the same issues and think it’s just you. I hate when that happens to me. And I love you guys, I couldn’t do it to you! [Read more…]

Almond Roca

This is probably my most favorite Christmas baking item. It’s also the most difficult to get done. Not because the recipe itself is particularly hard, but because candy making is a little bit of a science.

In the area that I live, the weather is my biggest obstacle when trying to make almond roca. When making any candy, you have to bring your ingredients to a certain temperature in order for it to set properly. On rainy (or humid) days, the cooking time for candy can increase substantially. Candy making requires the perfect ratio of sugar to moisture and since you’re boiling the mixture longer to get the temperature up, you may lose all your moisture in the process. And you get a completely opposite problem once the candy is done and cooling. Because sugar attracts moisture, your cooling candy will absorb all that humidity in the air, making the finished product softer than you want it. [Read more…]

Oh Fudge

I love fudge. I absolutely love it. This recipe is straight off the back of the marshmallow fluff can. I’ve been making it for years. I do one small thing differently. In addition to the normal semi-sweet chocolate in the recipe, I add about 2 ounces of milk chocolate chips. Perfect chocolatey goodness. I am anti-nut in my baked goods, but if you like chunky nutty fudge, just add 1 cup of your favorite nut, chopped.

Now to share a few lessons learned through the years making fudge. Yes, I have done all these things. Baking sometimes requires trial and error. Learn from mine instead of doing any of these things yourself. [Read more…]


Turtles (so named because of their cute turtle shape) are delicious. You can buy a box of them for about $20. Or, you can make them yourself for WAY less without much effort at all. Today I used up the remainder of a bag of caramels, and only had pecan pieces (which I just made little piles of and put the caramel on top) so this batch does not totally look like turtles…but you get the idea.  [Read more…]

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